Monday, 27 June 2011

Trip to London!

Last Thursday, I took the train down to London for a few days.The reason I was going originally was to go and see Reverend Horton Heat on the Thursday night, but I decided to make a mini break out of it and do some sightseeing on Friday day as well. So here are some photos from my trip;
The Rev! They were awesome! 
On Friday, my friend Kate had to work, so I had the day to myself to tootle round. My first trip of the day was to go to the Tate Modern. Somewhere I have wanted to go for ages....but only just got round to..(it opened in 2000, oops!)
Walking up from London Bridge Station towards Tower Bridge. I then walked all along the river front to the Tate.
Views of outside, and the Millenium Bridge
The gallery (unsurprisingly) is HUGE! There were quite a few different collections to look at, I loved the Pop. I've always been a bit of a Lichtenstein fan, and for years through school and Uni, I had a print of "Wham!" on my wall, so it was great to see the real thing.
In the Cubist section
Some modern sculpture - made from vent parts
And so not so modern sculpture - Rodin, The Kiss
There was also a room with the Gerhard Richter 'Cash' painting series (left). I took some photos for Michael as he is one of his favourite artists. And some Rauschenberg (right).
After being cultured, It was time to head back up Oxford Circus way...not for the faint hearted at the moment, as the sales are on and it is bedlam! I met up with Kate for lunch and we headed down Carnaby Street;
And down to to The Diner in Soho for a burger and chips! I had the portabello mushroom and swiss cheese 'burger'. It was delicious!
I then walked Kate back to work, and I then went shopping in Camden (which is pretty rubbish to be honest - its all tourist crap in the shops, rather than the alternative mecca it once was), so I headed back to the bustling Oxford Circus and had a look in the sales. I didn't get much but picked up a few staple bargains;
2 Breton tops - cant go wrong with a Breton! £5.99 each from Pull & Bear
Spotty polo shirt dress - £6.99 from Uniqlo
That evening, I was so knackered from walking about all day, so we just chilled out at night at Soho Joe's where we had pizza and wine (healthy day I was having!!) It was really good pizza, and at £6 for a full pizza in central London, a real bargain too!
Saturday was coming home day, but I still had time to fit in a quick trip in the morning to The British Library, where they had an "Out of this world" Sci Fi exhibition on.
Outside the Library - you can see the beautiful St Pancras Station in the background.
Me being a big kid - doing my own 'draw your own alien'. It even beamed it up and put it up on a big screen! 
And so this weekend was spent catching up on orders and chilling out. No boot sale again, but I'm hoping to get my charity shop fix this week as not been for ages so watch this space :)


  1. I went to London on Saturday too, also Camden, hoping to hand out flyers. But there was no alternative peeople in sight, apart from those who worked there.

    i lived in London for three years, then moved back to nottingham (been here a year now) within the past year it has dramaticly changed. quite sad in a way. but at least the re-generation has brought in more tourists with in turns keeps it running in the long term.

  2. I know exactly what you mean! However, I think that its depressing that its now just full of foreign traders selling market crap that you would find at any market up and down the country. Apart from Black Rose and Collectif, its all fake Cath Kidston bags, cheap dresses from China and I love London t-shirts! I suppose the tourism does keep it running, but its not what I go to Camden for :((

  3. Sounds a tip top trip! You basically blogged all my favourite places in London (except as you mention I don't like to shop in Camden- it's still pretty good for eatin' drinkin' and dancin' though!). Haven't been to the TM in a while, I must go and take in the exhibition at the Festival Hall too!

  4. Ditto. I never go to Camden shopping anymore because of this. There are lots of little treasure troves around North London still though, but more in dribs and drabs so you have to travel around to each place. Camden used to be great as everything alternative was in one place and you could look around and find things to do for a ages. I guess the 'alternative' feel of it and the people attract alot of tourism though.

  5. The Reverend Horton Heat - aaah, I missed them last year, hopefully they'll come back here soon again...

  6. so sad to hear about Camden but it's as I suspected. Glad you had a good time. We go to the Tate MOdern a lot for exhibitions but still haven't had a good look round the rest of it!

  7. I was in London last week! I left on Friday...I am gradually putting up blogs from my trip. It was a fantastic city <3

  8. Looks like a fun time! I love museums, especially art! I was an art student in school and I could spend all day in those places! I bet it was really neat to see Lichtenstein's work in person!!!

    I can understand about the tourist crap! Here in DC, there are a few "hip" areas but quite a few of the shops are rubbish (clothing) but the dining and bars are great. A lot of the clothing stores are chains like Gap or J Crew. I think they do that to appeal to many people.

    I love the Hawaiian dress you are wearing whilst dining on your lovely veggie burger! Great print!

  9. I did Art & Design in college and I did my first year project on Roy Lichtenstein! I also used a piece of his work in the title of my blog when I first started it!

    I haven't been to London since I was about 14 years old! I really must go back there because now I am 9 years older there are plenty of thing I want to see which never interested me back then!

    The food looks good! Any place that serves chips in a basket is good in my books! xxx