Thursday, 16 June 2011

Tuesday Night - outfit post

Really busy this week with orders, wholesale and new collections, so just time for a quick outfit post...
On Tuesday evening, I went out for a family meal and this is what I wore....
Lake dress and spotty tights, Primark, 
Cardigan - had this since I was 18! It was originally from Topshop. Certainly got my moneys worth out of it, as its still my fave as I love the fit!
Earrings and Bangles, Bakelite
Necklace, 60s vintage milk glass
Brooch, Vintage Rhinestone 'C'
Shoes, 50s deadstock
And a close up of the shoes which I bought last May for £1, (see my earlier post here.)


  1. Sometimes those cardigans can last forever :)

  2. Got to love a good cardi! Im a total cardi lover. Scarlett x

  3. I adore that dress,so summery.
    love cardis, I have several oldie ones.
    what beautiful shoes and what a bargain too.wish I could find vintage not worn shoes,
    I have a phobia about worn shoes.

  4. Those shoes look gorgeous - very art deco!

    Love you hair! xxx