Monday, 18 July 2011

Cream Tea ♥

I went round to my sister's house on Saturday, where we always have tea, cake and a good old natter and a catch up on the week. I was in for a treat this week, as she had laid the table with her new charity shop purchase of a yellow rose bone china tea set, and we had a traditional British Cream Tea.
If its one thing we do well in England, its a cream tea! And its absolutely one of my all time favourite treats...
The feast that greeted me
Close up of the vintage china, and my scone which was loaded with clotted cream, strawberry jam and strawberries, yummy. Going back to being a tea bore again (after my complaint last week on the Manchester Cafe that sells tea in glasses - yuk), for a tea lover, tea drunk out of Fine Bone China is the pièce de résistance! 
Cheers! And yes, I did have two scones, and two cups of tea! :))
The rest of the weekend (and today) has been spent cowering inside as this pretty much sums up the weather where I live at the moment;
So, no booting and no bike rides for us. Boo :(
Summer, where for art thou?!


  1. What a great tea set, I love it. I agree, the weather has been absolute pants. I'm not a lover of the summer but 3 days worth of constant rain is not my thing either. Btw, I love that necklace you're wearing. Is it one of your own?

  2. I love tea sets, you look hot Mamas and I adorar your necklace. ;) You should take more fotos of your cute self.
    I never had tea with clotted cream scones ,but I am now thinking to add clotted cream in my tea,lol
    love clotted cream anything.
    Hope this nasty rain clears up for you soon.

  3. That looks lovely. Except for the cream in the tea, I hate it. I want my tea plain. But on the other hand, I have never been in England :)

  4. I am a milk only in tea person. Cream is strictly for coffee! But you cannot beat a cream tea: scones, cream and jam. YUM.

  5. Lucy - Yes, that is one of my designs from a new collection that I will be launching in August ;)
    La Dama,Ina and Perdita - It is not cream in my tea! It is Milk! The clotted cream is for the scone only!! ;)

  6. Love cream tea. . the more scones, the merrier! ;)

  7. Very civilised - wish I liked tea! I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! More details here

    Carolyn x