Monday, 11 July 2011

My weekend

This weekend was a pretty quiet one really, spent with friends and family. The weather was ok on Saturday, so I headed off for my monthly craft meet with the Made in Manchester ladies. We were thrilled to be back "home" in the Manchester Craft and Design Centre - after a 4 month break (due to the lovely Cafe Aromat going out of business.) 
Manchester Craft & Design Centre
And the inside. It used to be a Victorian Fish Market, and is now home to lots of independent designer/makers in the heart of the Northern Quarter.

I am very happy to report that Cafe Aromat's replacement - Eat Homemade - is lovely, and much nicer than the cafe we went to for our last few meets (that shall remain nameless), but served tea 
in GLASS - which in my opinion, you just don't!!
Tea should always be served in a light coloured cup or mug. Preferably a china cup! It just tastes better! Eat Homemade get extra points for serving their in a vintage china tea cup and saucer :)

On Sunday, the weather was wet and thundery, so booting was out. What change from last weekend when we were slapping on sun cream and going to the car show! This is England folks!! Michael and I went for our "quiet" sunday morning bike ride instead;
Me in my biking gear!
I say it was a "quiet" bike ride, as unknown to us, it was the Manchester to Blackpool charity bike ride, and our usual route - was on their route. Cue about 500 other bikers hijacking our peaceful morning cycle!!
Excuse grainy photos - taken on my phone!
And these were just a few of them! It was quite nice actually to cycle along with them all for a few miles. They were all super fit serious biker types though, and I certainly would not fancy a 45 mile bike ride on a Sunday morning!
In the afternoon, we went to visit Michael's mum who has just got some new kittens......
Aahhhhhh, aint they sweet? :)) 


  1. You know that sounds like an ideal and lovely weekend, bliss!

  2. lovely tea cup,
    i agree tea tastes so much better...

  3. looks like you had another great weekend amor.
    even I know not serve to tea in a glass cup, how horrible.
    love in your biking gear,kittys sleeping are so adorable.

  4. I want those kitties!! So cute! Mine are all grown up! I miss them being in their baby stage!

    There is a place like the Manchester Craft and Design Center here in the DC area. It's called the Torpedo Factory. It used to be a real torpedo factory during World War II. It was going to be demolished after being left in a major state of disrepair for so long but a local art group saved it. For the last 25+ years, it has been a center for art and several artists (ranging from jewelry, sculpture, crafts, pottery to painting) have spaces there.

    That is funny about tea being served in a white cup. My Irish mum nearly went spare when my unknowing (American) husband served her tea in a black ceramic mug a couple of years back! She promptly went into the kitchen, got a white mug, and poured the tea into it! lol! I had to explain to my husband that tea needs to be in a white color mug/cup! I think the white cup better shows the color of the tea. If the tea is done right (meaning right amount of cream), the drinker can get a better view against the white!