Thursday, 14 July 2011

New Lady K Loves high waisted jeans - My review

I've been waiting for a nice day to do this review and today is a nice day, so here it is!
I received my much anticipated Lady K Loves high waisted jeans in the post last week, and I have to say that they have not left my backside since!
Jeans are one of those things that the vast majority of us really struggle with. Hands up who has been jeans shopping, tried on about 10 pairs, and still have gone home empty handed?
Although I love high waisted clothing, its something that I struggle to get as the fit is never right on me. As much as I love the look of Freddie's jeans on other people - they just do not fit me. The hip to waist ratio is just not big enough for pear shaped me, meaning that the correct hip size, leaves about 6 inches gaping on the waist. I also don't like the leg width on them, the wide leg makes me feel short and dumpy. That's not to say that I don't like them, Freddies are great (and I have a few of their tops),the jeans - just not on me, unfortunately!
I met Kessie from Lady K last Christmas as we had stalls next to each other at Kustom Kristmas. I tried on one of her high waisted black skirts at the show and was amazed at how well it fitted me! I have gone on to purchase another HW skirt, and some HW Capris too, all which fit me great. When Kessie announced that Lady K were going to be doing HW jeans, I pre-ordered straight away! (I just wanted to make clear, by the way that although, yes, I do know Kessie, she has not asked me to do a review on my blog, and I pay for all my clothes in full, and buy them of my own free will. I'm doing this because I genuinely love the fit and style of her products - and it may help others who also have the HW fit problem like I do!).
So anyway - here are the jeans;
They fit so well, and I love the fact that they have a slim leg. Much more flattering on me than wide leg jeans :)
(I'm also wearing my Lady K Hawaiian Shirt, too. Another firm favourite in my wardrobe)
Back view. Not so easy to take on self timer, but you get the idea!
And the proper photos, taken from the Lady K Loves website;
The denim is nice and crisp, without being stiff and uncomfortable. It also has a slight stretch to it too, which definitely adds to the comfort factor.
They are available in sizes XS-XL (with full sizing and measurements on the website), and in two leg lengths , 23" and 33", so you can have them as Capris or as jeans. I went for a size Medium, in the 33" leg.
You can get them off the Lady K Website here.


  1. Love it! You look super cute, really please you're happy with them. I'm been wearing mine pretty much constantly too!

  2. Nice! I just got myself a couple of shirts from Lady K Loves (one Hawaiian) and they are really great, too.

  3. oooh you look great Mamas, I also tried Freddies of Pinewood jeans and they fit me well too wide and I looked even frumpier. I am about to give up on jeans, these look good ,but XL size seems small for my big self. I wish they would make jeans for us plus size ladies. they all fit weird and too long and wide.

  4. I'm sooo glad you posted this, I found you through DC Metro. I feel the EXACT same way with regard to the high waist jeans. I'm reallyy slim and I'm kinda short so I feel like I'd drown in them. But I'll definitely be checking out Kessi's. They look great! :)


  5. You look fab! I love Freddies on other people too but me I look wider & shorter even. I'm lucky though I still have some vintage jeans which fit a treat and those are the ones that always fit me right, lovely denim back then too!

  6. I love those jeans!!! They look fabo on you! I have been on a major search for a nice pair of high waisted jeans/pants. I will have to give Lady K a look-see!

  7. They look great.I have about 3 pairs of freddies and 1 pair of thier dungarees.I'm a 26 waist and now the waist is to tight and the legnth didnt last.I am 5'4 with a short torso and long legs so can never find them long enough to keep a good cuff and not see ankle when I sit.I hate that.I guess I need to re meausre myself in the future.But seeing your new jeans I may just have hubby get me some before he gets here.They look nice and comfy too.

  8. Thanks for all your comments, ladies! They really are fab. I'm hoping that Lady K will start making them in black too at some point! :))

  9. Clare,
    I sent you some fotos, hope you approve amor.

  10. Nice jeans, great photos. For more fashion and indie clothing check out

  11. Hi there, just found your blog! Those jeans look amazing on you. You are too cute! I hope to get me a nice pair of high waisted jeans as soon as I'm back to my pre-pregnant weight. :)

  12. Ha ha! Lady K is hoping they start making them in black too! As soon as we can get hold of some good quality denim with some stretch in it we'll be on it.
    Thank you so much for posting this, I think people really like to see what they look like on a variety of people.
    I've found mine have gotten even better as I've worn them...pretty much every day for 3 weeks....!