Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Stars and Stripes American Classic Car Show

 On Sunday afternoon, Michael and I went to the Stars and Stripes American Classic Car Show at Tatton Park. They have been holding this event here now for 23 years, I have probably been going for about 5 years - and each year it rains. Sometimes its a bit sunny, then rains - but its always usually pretty bad weather. Well, not this time - it was absolutely beautiful and we made the most of it by taking a picnic, and getting some photos of shiny cool cars!
My outfit for the day; 80's Hawaiian wrap dress, Etsy. Shoes, Swedish Hasbeens for H&M, bag, Primark - embellished with an orchid & cherries by me! :), Bangles - Bamboo & Bakelite. Necklace & Earrings, Dolly Cool of course!
I love this colour of turquoise

Loved this Buick Dynaflow ♥♥
The detailing on all these 50s and 60s cars is amazing. Modern cars look rubbish!!

Bel Air - one of my all time fave 50s cars! There were a few of these at the show :)
And a cool purple hot rod!
he he! I like it when people do stuff like this! There was also a car that had Elvis sat in the back, and one with Marilyn too!
We finished off the afternoon in a queue for the ice cream van :))


  1. Looking good in that cherry wrap dress, love all your bake lite bangles and cherry bag amor.
    Car shows are so cool.

  2. OOooooh. Love them all. You look like you could climb in one and go roaring off down the road of life!

  3. Love those car pics!!! I agree that modern cars are rubbish! I have wanted a '56 Bel Air for ages! When I was at the Viva car show this year, I wanted everything!

  4. ok this is weird but I think that turquoise Bel Air was ours, it looks like ours and although off the top of my head I can't remember the number plate I'm sure it was cos it started with ESK, freaky! We didn't have it long, we had nowhere to store it and bought it on a whim - ah those were the days when we had money ha ha!

  5. Fiona - ha! That is really funny! You are lucky to have owned such a beautiful car. I love them, but wouldn't want to own one as I couldn't afford the upkeep - and they are far too big to park outside my house! ;)

  6. I remember when those cars were new - lol-and I didn't appreciate them as a child! Used to ride in my Mom and Dad's friend's car like the turquoise, and my sister's friend had T-birds!

  7. They're all yummy - I love a classic - and what amazing weather to bring out all those shiny colours and chrome!

    See you sat

  8. GAH! Why was it never sunny like this when we used to go!? Lovely bunch of cars but not sure about the wheels on that purple hot rod! They need to sort that out and get some white wall tires! Oh look there I go...being a hot rod snob again! haha!

  9. Oh, those are cool cars, indeed! The color combination and the car layouts were simply amazing and they are rarely seen among the commercial cars that we have. Your dress fairly paired well with the theme of the car show. LOL! But what got my attention the most is the stuff in the last picture. I can't stop laughing at it until now. LOL!

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