Monday, 25 July 2011

Weekend Thrifty Bargains!

Firstly, hello to my new followers! I seem to have shot up to 170 in no time at all, it must have been the giant courgette! ;) Following up on this....I made the monster into an italian courgette and  parmesan soup, which was delicious, and the big bag of broad beans that I got were made into a broad bean and pea houmous. Both recipes were off the BBC Good Food website, both really easy and very tasty. I actually enjoyed the challenge of making something new from ingredients that I would not normally buy or use in this way.
This weekend, the weather took a turn for the better and I managed to go charity shopping on Saturday, and Car booting on Sunday. I didn't get tons, but its quality not quantity anyway, right?! Here is what I got on Saturday;
2 x 60s plates. Oakwood by Washington Potteries, England. 30p each :) 
They are a nice (unusual) oval shape too, and slightly dipped in the centre, almost like a bowl-plate. I think they were probably originally intended for use as small platters/servers, but they make great dinner plates too!
And a close up on the pattern. Love the geometric look and colours on these.
H by Henry Holland shirt dress (new with tags), £3.99. 
I was initially drawn to this on the rack as the pattern looked quite old, so I thought it may be vintage. 
I was pleased to see that even though it was repro rather than old, it was actually a lovely style, brand new and in my size - yay!
Close up on the print. Definitely a vintage inspired print I would say.
And now on to what I found at the car boot yesterday...
About 2 metres of 60s fabric from a nice old lady, 50p
And a close up on the print. This will be perfect for making hair ties with for a mod/scooter show that I am doing in the next few weeks!
And from the same old lady, this lovely 60s bag. Mint condition with lucite trim to the top. This is going to be embellished with Dolly Cool Swallows and taken to one of my shows :))


  1. ooooh totally loving that bag! You got some real bargains! Scarlett x

  2. Those mod hair ties will be lush!

    I do love the BBC food website: I always find easy, straightforward recipes there. As I cookery book addict it pains me to say it but it's often my 1st port of call!

  3. Love the purse...or "pocket book" like my grandma used to call it! lol

  4. wow great finds!!!!
    I love your blog!!

  5. Great bargains, well done! I love going to car boots but haven't been for ages. Kaye x

  6. Oooh i am loving the plates, beautiful pattern.
    I think i seen that fabric at our charity sho the other day.
    My fave is the doctor bag, will look good pinstriped and with your dolly designs.
    Amor, thanks for your sweet comment.

  7. Btw
    Shirt dress, is fabulous. I dobt kind repodresses either.