Monday, 4 July 2011

Yesterdays Car Booty!

 Hooray! It was actually a lovely day yesterday and we went to the car boot, which filled the entire field as it was so nice! I didn't get loads - but certainly got a few bargains to satisfy my cheapskate habit!
Vintage vanity case - 50p. This needs a bit of TLC but its nice and clean inside and well worth 50p!
3 x bamboo bangles - 30p 
Another pineapple bowl - a friend for my other one! 50p
New wicker bag.....this one is going to be decorated in a tiki theme and sold on on my stall :)
Vintage dinner plate - 20p. Love the pattern on this, and its a nice big plate too! Not sure if its 50's or 60s - I can't find anything online about this pattern - "Sandra" Washington Pottery Ltd, Hanley, England.
To me, it looks more of a 50s pattern than a 60's one...but I'm really not sure. Any ideas?
And a close up...nice isn't it? :)
We also went to a Classic American Car Show yesterday afternoon, but I'll do that on a separate post!


  1. some nice finds, love the pineapple dish and the plate, no idea whether 50s or 60s but I like it!

  2. wow nice finds! Bargain! Scarlett x

  3. Great scores, love the vanity case, i seen one the other day ,but it needed to much work on the inside.
    Bamboo bangles will go nicely with your tki bag.
    Another pineapple bowl, how cool.
    I hardly ever find vintage plates, this one is a beauty.

  4. Great finds Clare. I think i should give you a fiver and get you to find me some wares! You have such an eye for it. x

  5. The pineapple dish is super-cool. Love it!

    That bag's just crying out for a tiki-over, isn't it? Can't wait to see the results!

  6. What a great pineapple dish. I might just have to start hunting for one now :)

  7. Ohhh! NICE FINDS! I hit the jackpot on both Saturday and Sunday.