Friday, 12 August 2011

Introducing the new face of Dolly Cool.......

Finally I have had time to update my website with my new range - The Rosary Collection - which has been modelled for me by the beautiful La Dama. I could not have wished for a better model, La Dama was fantastic in every way and took so much care and effort in making these photos look as fabulous as they do. All the styling, hair and make up was completely done by La Dama, with photos taken by her husband, Buddy Wayne. She is one amazing lady, so if you don't already follow her blog....then go and do it now! Without further ado, here she is; 
Day of The Dead Rosary Necklace 

                    Cherry Bow Rosary Bead Necklace

               Nautical Rosary Bead Necklace

                  Tattoo Rose Rosary Bead Necklace

                 Zombie Heart Rosary Bead Necklace
Each necklace is made from a wooden heart base, with a lacquered exclusive Dolly Cool hand drawn design in the centre, on a beaded rosary chain. They are priced at £16.00 each, which includes FREE worldwide p&p and are available now on my website;


  1. Fabulous pictures, she does your necklaces justice!

  2. I think you did great choosing La Dama as your model. Fab photos for your fab products.

  3. Amor,
    for giving me this grand opportuniy to model your gorgeous rosary necklaces.Your on fire with genius talented creations. wish you the best with everything, You are a genuine kind sweet soul.

  4. I left a comment but dont think it saved :o(

    La Dama is so beautiful, and these are such fabulous pics - Love her!

    Fabulous necklaces esp the nautical one! Scarlett x

  5. Fab photos. La Dama is stunning and just a perfect model. xxx

  6. Oh isn't she gorgeous! I love her blog too.

  7. La Dama is an awesome model - what a great fit for your designs.

  8. love the necklaces! so colorful and fun :)

  9. love your necklaces,
    she is the best model you could chose,
    well done both

  10. Marvellous necklaces & you simply couldn't have picked a better model ;)
    YOWZA YAY for La Dama!

  11. Thanks for all your lovely comments!
    I'm so happy with the new range, and to have La Dama as my model :))