Monday, 8 August 2011

Mods & Rockers, and my new Miss L Fire shoes :))

Yesterday I was trading at the Mods and Rockers show at the historic Piece Hall in Halifax, West Yorkshire;
It was organised by the same people who did the Ink, Iron & Hotrod show so I thought I'd give it a go.
 I was looking forward to it, as about 15 years ago I was into the whole Mod thing in a big way! I used to dress up 60s style and go out dancing every week at a Northern Soul club night. (I'll do a post on this at some point!). Obviously, I'm more into 50s stuff now, but the love of the 60s Mod culture and music is still definitely there.
The day didn't get off to the best start to be fair as it was outside, and as we set off at 7.15am, it was raining really heavily! It carried on like this for most of the morning - stopping and starting raining. I braved the main show area hiding under my umbrella and went out to take some photos of the bikes;
Tons of Scooters and Bikes!
These fancy ones were in the 'best in show' bit.

Love this - very Quadrophenia!

We are the mods, we are the mods, we are, we are, we are the mods!* 
I'm so glad that I went out early to take these photos, as about 11am - the heavens opened fully and it started to downpour torrential rain....
View from under my stall! Thank goodness that the stalls were under gazebos! You can see everyone hiding under the buildings at the sides of the show area. This pretty much carried on for about 2 hours :(
Which resulted in this.....about 60% of the scooters packed up and went!
Michael took this shot of the scooters leaving En Masse. Its a great shot isn't it?
So, it was a bit of a washout really! By the time it actually cleared up, about 2pm - most people who probably were going to come, didn't. And loads of the bikes had gone anyway. Still, I can't complain as I still did ok on my stall. I made most of my sales after 2pm, though!

View from the side of my stall and the main stage
And an outfit post - showing off my new Miss L Fire shoes! ♥♥
Red & White Polka Hairtie - Dolly Cool 
Jacket - 50p from a car boot sale
Cherry Cardigan - Thunder Egg, Affleks Palace, Manchester
High Waist Capris - Lady K Loves (Yes, I have the Capri's too - and they fit just as well as the jeans!)
Shoes - my newest purchase from Miss L Fire ♥♥♥ my new shoes!!!
And a close up! They are sparkle vinyl like 50'd Diner booth seats. Truly amazing, and very comfortable too!
So, it was a pretty wet day, all in all - but I still enjoyed it and the music was great. Loads of Motown and Northern Soul classics, with some rockabilly and rock thrown in for good measure! 


  1. Really cool shoes! And cool with the mod thing. I think that when you've once really been into something it will always be somewhere there underneath, even if you've moved on. I notice that with myself at least..

  2. How cool does your jeans look?
    Great bikes!
    I am drooling over you Diner shoes, I been wanting Miss L Fire shoes for the longest amor.
    Hope your okay amor.
    take care

  3. Gorgeous shoes. Your whole outfit looks very cute.

  4. Love the shoes, they look great! What a shame about the weather, always puts a downer on outside events in the weather sucks doesn't it?!

  5. After reading your post and seeing those shoes, I went and ordered a pair from Miss L Fire - cannot wait for them to arrive here in Florida. They are fantastic. Looks like despite the rain it was still a great event.

  6. Love those shoes!!!! You always look smashing!

    I hope things are safe there. My mum and dad are in Croydon for a couple of months visiting my auntie. They told me on Tuesday that part of the high street was alight the night before. My auntie also went on to say there were issues in Birmingham and Manchester so again, I hope all is ok!

  7. Thanks for your nice comments folks!

    Tara; Things here are getting back to normal now thank goodness. London was attacked pretty badly on Sunday and Monday night, and Manchester was done over on Tuesday. They have made a good start on the clean up and have already caught and convicted a lot of people who were responsible. I think everyone here wants to move on from it as soon as possible..heres hoping we are over the worst of it :)