Sunday, 28 August 2011

This weekends charity/flea/car booty

Hurray! Michael and I actually managed to go out flea market/car booting this weekend. First time in what feels like ages, it always seems to be rained off at the moment!
Firstly, I went to the Charity shops on Thursday with my sister Elaine who I met first for lunch. Got a few cool bits, with the grand total spend of 90 pence!
60s plantpot - 50p, Salvation Army
I am so happy with this! I never see plant pots but always look for them. This super retro leaf design is by Hornsea Potteries. This is a new home for Colin the cactus. Michael has owned Colin since he was at school!
60s glass - another intake for our vintage glass orphanage! 40p from YMCA
Yesterday morning, we went to the Saturday Flea Market at Earlestown. What a disaster! It was quite bright when we set off, but as soon as we got there, the downpour started. It was torrential, and we got soaked! I had ballerina pumps on and had squelchy feet for the rest of the day, yuk. Needless to say we didn't get anything, boo!
We decided to try again this morning with a visit to a large field car boot that we haven't been to since last year. I'm so glad we did as we got some great bargains! :)
Repro 50s style chrome Salter scales - perfect for weighing my parcels! A complete steal at just 50p
Alfred Meakin 60s side plates - 25p each.
I usually 'Google' the style name of the crockery I buy to find out more about it, however I have been somewhat cautious with these plates......
Can you see why? Goodness knows what would come up on a Google image search for these! ;O
he he!
I also picked up a few new bits for me....

Red and pink flamingo dress (originally from Next) - £1
Close up of the print, so cute!
And...I've been looking for some of these for and ye shall find...
Leather Converse boots, never worn - £13. 
The seller wanted £20 but I bartered and wore her down and got them for £13, hooray!
Very pleased with this weekends bargains :)


  1. ohmygosh, that dress is fantastic. every girl needs something in a flamingo print in her wardrobe!

  2. I agree puppy love princess, the dress is fantastic :)

  3. Gorgeous dress and super cool converse!

  4. You always find the BEST things! What a great haul! You make me want to get out and raid the charity shops - oh I can't wait for payday! x

  5. I am in-complete-love with the little leaf/feather glass. Gorgeous! :)

    P.S. I bought some super red lipstick yesterday and thought of you. Random I know, but it made me smile. ;)

  6. I love the red flamingo dress, you always find cute red dresses. the meak plates are gorgeous too. your find lots crookery amor.
    found some Christmas plates today.

  7. Great finds! and those plates.. I'm a bit intrigued yet terrified;)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous dress and what a steal at £1! xxx

  9. Great loot, and I love that dress!

  10. I'm a sucker for Alfred Meakin, whenever I see pottery I like, it's Alfred Meakin, love those plates!

  11. Good deal with the Convereses! I like the scales, I have a similar retro one myself but I'm actually gonna sell it because I don't have any room at all for it and I'm anyways using a digital one when baking...

  12. Wow i'd be chuffed to bits with these finds too! Im a totaly converse girl so am in love with your leather pair - ideal for the autumn/winter! The dress is fabulous but oh my i adore those scales :o) Scarlett x

  13. Om my god that flamingo dress!! I actually forgot to breath for second when I saw it. Major dress envy!