Monday, 1 August 2011

Tutti Frutti 50s Festival - Day 1

On Friday, Michael and I headed off to Morecambe for the annual Tutti Frutti 50's seaside festival. Its on for  two nights and a day, and I have a stall at the day event. First of all we checked into our B&B, dumped our stuff and headed out to check out the charity shops and have a walk on the prom.
It was lovely and sunny so I wore the Henry Holland retro print dress I got last week from the charity shop.
On the way down the front, we spotted this fab vintage bus! We were headed down to the Midland Hotel, and to check out the antique centre that we went to last year, however the antique centre had been shut down...gutted! :(
Not to fear however as we had a look round the charity shops, and found this in the middle of them all:
All I can say is WOW! The lady who owns Dotty's has only been open for 9 weeks and she had some seriously amazing stuff. I often mention on my blog about how I don't really like much vintage stuff for myself. Well, maybe I just didn't go to the right shops! I could have spent a fortune. There were so many lovely genuine 50's dresses on her racks, and I was in love! The prices were also fair too, and the shop was decked out so nicely and the dressing room was awesome!
I got a few things....
50's day dress - £35
Detail on the collar
Concealed front zipper
Winged pocket detail and fabric. 
I tried it on, and it fitted me perfectly, so it was meant to be!
I also got this really cute 60's sleeveless blouse, £9
And a close up of the print. Both pieces are in excellent condition and I can't wait to wear them!
After shopping, we headed back to the hotel and had tea and biscuits sat in the window of our hotel room. This was the view;
Morecambe Bay really is stunning!
We then got ready and headed out for the night event. This year, my sister and brother in law came too, which made it even better!
My big sister, Elaine and me 
I forgot to take photos of the bands, oops. I did however get this fetching photo of my bro-in-law, Geoff, wearing the prize that he won on the charity raffle...
Nice cinch belt!!!


  1. I love the print on the blouse

  2. Looks like a fantastic weekend! I'm quite envious actually!

  3. That dress is gorgeous. I love it, you lucky ole thing you !!!

  4. The dress is an amazing find. Looking forward photos of you wearing it (hope that doesn't sound creepy!)

  5. ha ha Mrs M! That made me laugh! ;D

  6. I have a dress almost identical to the pink one you purchased, but it is solid navy with white buttons! Vintage shopping can be frustrating. When a shop is bad, its really bad, awful even. But when a vintage shop is good, its amazingly good.

  7. Major score on the clothes! Have a good weekend.

  8. You look so cute wearing your Henry Holland dress amor.I love vintage dresses when I can find them in my size. pink chech dress is adorable. your going to look so stunning.
    fruit top is so you. I'm in love with your sis parrot cool the vintage store is named Dolly it was meant to be.

  9. You're so cute! I adore your style. Just wonderful.


  10. Lovely dress with fabulous detailing!


  11. Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

    I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?

  12. Mary - Sorry only just seen your comment! I have never been to Athens, so I don't know about shopping there but I'm sure if you have a look on the tourist info site, or google for the sorts of things that you are looking for that you will find something fun to look at :)