Friday, 5 August 2011

Tutti Frutti 50s Festival - Day 2

Hello and sorry for the delay in posting day two from last weekend! To say that this week has been manic would be an understatement! I'll not bore you with that however, and will instead show you some photos from last Saturday day and night at the Tutti Frutti 50s seaside festival!
It was, the best possible day you could have for an outside event by the way....beautiful sunshine, no wind and lots of people enjoying themselves with some loud rock n' roll music as a backdrop - awesome!
Some cool cars! I was speaking to the lady who owned the green one who was lovely!
Me and my stall! I'm wearing my fave vintage gingham dress that I got in Florida, with a matching vintage gingham fabric Dolly Cool hairtie!
Folks enjoying the sunshine and music
Some old school Teds! Lots of these at Tutti!
With my sis and bro-in-law enjoying an ice cream, yum
Rock breakfast! YUK!

Black Cat Trio - live on stage. Took it in b&w by accident, oops! (but adds to the effect!)
And some dancers in the main square. All in all, a great day! 
It was then pack up quickly, back to the hotel for shower and change, and back out to the night event!
Elaine and I in our outfits. I'm wearing my bargain vintage Hawaiian sarong dress, from Florida with my Swedish Hasbeens for H&M. Elaine's dress is from Primark
Evening entertainment, The King Cats.
On Sunday morning, we packed up and headed home, but not before stopping at the local car boot sale. I'm glad we did as I managed to pick up this fabulous 50s fruit bowl for just 50p!
And a view from the side.....
It was shoved upside down in a box with lots of junk when I spotted it. Covered in dust and yuk. I soaked it in water and stardrops for a few hours, then scrubbed it with an old toothbrush and it was good as new! Two of the three black feet were missing, too - so I made some out of black polymer clay to match the remaining one. Ta-Da! Good as new :))


  1. Love that fruit bowl and how clever that you made it new feet using polymer clay! What a great idea! Your red and white gingham dress looks so so cute on you! The event looks fun! Moreover, why would anyone want to buy, let alone eat rock that looks like a fry-up?! Gross! Rock is yucky! lol

  2. What an awesome fruti bowl!

    Except for the breakfast that event looks really cool and the Dolly Cool hairtie is the best :)

  3. Great fruit bowl, looks like you had fun, hope it was a good event!

  4. Great fun amor, love your gingham dress.
    rock breakfast, I almost bought gummi worm breakfast once at the beach.
    fruit bowl is so cute, genius idea.