Thursday, 29 September 2011

Afternoon tea? Don't mind if I do!

At the moment in the UK we are having a mini heatwave, which is unexpected and a little strange for this time of year but rather nice at the same time!
I had planned for ages that today I would go in to Manchester with my sister, Elaine, and that we would go for a look round the shops, and for afternoon tea. The weather just made a lovely day all the much better!
Todays outfit: Black vest, Topshop. Black leather flats with bow, Sainsburys Supermarket, Bakelite cherry necklace from Bakelite Baby on Etsy.
Flamingo print skirt, £18, Roobys. Isn't this skirt fabulous?! Its handmade and has a wide Obi style waistband that ties in a huge bow at the side. There are loads of nice fabrics and styles on the site so well worth checking out!
We had a good wander round sunny Manchester for a few hours, I even bought a few Xmas presents (sssshhhhhh!) and then we headed to the rather grand  'The Sculpture Hall Cafe' in Manchester Town Hall for our afternoon tea.
**The following photos were taken on my camera phone, so apologies that the quality is not so good....
Afternoon tea is served! This is the first time that I have actually had a proper traditional 3 tier afternoon tea. 
Top tier - Sandwiches. We had actually eaten a layer before I took this! There were carrot and houmous and egg and cress (which I ate) and roast beef and roast ham (which Elaine ate)
Layer 2 - Home made scones with butter, cream, jam and strawberries....mmmmmmm
Layer 3 - more cakes! ha ha! From left; Bakewell Tart, Banoffee Pie, Chocolate mousse in Chocolate shell, and Banana and walnut loaf. All served with a very large pot of tea, that we got 4 cups out of each!
And my view from where we were sitting. 
Manchester Town Hall is very gothic inside - stunning! Shame you are not allowed to walk around most of it as its for employees only! 


  1. What a fabulous day for a day out and the tea looks fab!

  2. That looks like such a fantastic day! A real reminder that I need to get out and do more day trips to other towns (cities) too.

  3. Clarita,
    You are looking so cute, love your flamingo skirt and freaking cute hair bow!
    need to check out that site.
    You killing me with all your tea parties.
    Everything looks so wondorous.
    I love the Gothic view.

  4. You are gorgeous and how awesome is that flamingo skirt? The egg and hummus sandwiches both sound yummy and what an elegant setting, too.
    It's the choice of Wetherspoons or the bus station cafe round here! x

  5. You look so lovely, that skirt is amazing! Your afternoon tea looks pretty awesome too!

  6. I never knew there was a café in the town hall, is it very fancy? I've only ever been there to argue with the council tax people in their sweaty 1970s office.

    Also I owe you thanks! Just checked my blog stats and apart from google, more people come to my blog from yours than any other source <3 xx

  7. I freakin love flamingos! That skirt is awesome! Glad to hear the weather is treating you nicely. Its still way too hot here in Northern Cali.

  8. oh no this post is making me hungry,hehe!

  9. Love that skirt, might have to check the site out. You look great!

  10. Sounds like a great afternoon and those sandwiches look and sound delicious. Manchester Town Hall looks stunning inside. I wish these places were open to the public. I know in Liverpool they do tours of some of the more interesting and historical buildings in the city including places that aren't usually open to the public. I've always meant to check this out :)

  11. Thanks for all your nice comments folks!
    Kally - I discovered the cafe while researching on the internet for somewhere to have afternoon tea in was actually the cheapest by far, and the most swanky! Glad I am driving some traffic your way, too :)x

  12. I love your outfit and now I fancy eating cream scones hmm.........

  13. Just love your look great.I miss eangland so bad.Those yummies I miss propper english tea with cream and scones.Those strawberries look so good.xx

  14. The architecture is very similar in the John Rylands library on Deansgate...but that's open to the public. ;)