Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Kustom Kulture Blast Off - Show report!

My cyber-stalkers (aka parents!) were asking me where my weekend show report was today! So just for you mum and dad, here it is! :)
The weekend got off to a good start as I had a nice clear run down to Spalding, via an old Uni-friend's house where I stopped off for a hearty lunch and got a huge bag of Bramley apples from her tree!
It was actually, dry and sunny so perfect for putting up the dreaded tent (I hate camping!) and then get in the main hall and get the stand set up and on with the show!
I had a full stand to myself this year....probably my largest space yet, which I of course filled every spare inch with spots, and merch!
One lady told me it was making her eyes go funny! ha ha!
My buddy Kate aka Clumsy, doing some tattooed wood at the show. You may of heard of Kate, as she writes the Kustom Kulture features in Milkcow Magazine
Remember the cool pinstriped bag that I had done at the show last year by Sweet Jane Pinstriping? Well, this year, I took along a pair of fab red shoes for Jane to stripe for me..
Ta Da! I love them!
There was all sorts going on during the day...Wall of Death 
Hot Rods
Vintage cars
And trucks!
And artists - many from Europe and the US - taking part in the Pinstriping Panel Jam
Sunset over the site..
And then we made our own merriment in the evening by making some rum and coke ice cream floats! You may remember Kate from Every Day is Like Sundae (original 50s ice cream van), who also does the Tutti Frutti Festival from my earlier posts. We ate tons of her delicious ice cream over the weekend. My favourite flavour is the Stem Ginger, yum!
My friends Nicola, Kate and I with yet another ice cream!
There were so many cool trade stands there too. I was very restrained and only bought myself two things over the weekend;
This beautiful Mexican blanket from Senor Tiki

I picked one with blues in it to match my car! Here it is in situ
And I got myself this awesome Lux De Ville Sin City Motor Tote from Hot Rockin' Belle:

In my fave colours of Red and Black! Its sparkle vinyl too, mmmmmmmmm!
So all in all, a great show! The weather was good, I had good sales, met lots of really nice people and had fun. And.....the camping wasn't too bad either ;)


  1. Wow looks fantastic! You stall looks brilliant and those shoes are fab :D

  2. That looks like so much fun! I really never get tired of doing these shows. Have a few goodies lined up before the end of the year too!

  3. Love the Mexican blanket!

    So nice you're getting more and more space for your stall!

  4. Looks like great fun, and the bag is super cool!

  5. You're very welcome about the write up, you deserve it :) and btw, yes I'd love to!!

  6. Love that blanket in your car, such a good idea and the bag is great too

  7. Clare,
    Your beautiful stall is quite huge and very eye catching. Your pinstriped shoes are adorable. I been wanting my name pinstriped on one of my bags. I love the pic of you holding the rum coke float, sounds yum,you look so cute.
    in love with Kates Mexi skirt. Mexi blankets are classic, almost all rockabillys own one. Chola car paint bag is super cool.