Monday, 19 September 2011

Magazine Queen!

When the postman came today, I was thrilled to hear the loud slap of my Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine on the front mat. You see, I've always been a complete magazine addict, ever since being a kid. I don't know what it is, but I can just imagine lounging on the sofa with a nice cup of tea, while leafing through my magazine, and I know I will feel happy and relaxed when I'm doing this. Its my escape and some 'me time' in my often hectic schedule that is self employment!
I was very lucky as a child that I was allowed a magazine each week, or month (depending on if it was weekly or monthly). I used to be desperate for magazine morning to arrive, and couldn't wait to get home to get my head stuck in it! Here are the things that I have read over the years......
My first ever comic was The Beano! You were either a Dandy reader, or a Beano reader - and I was definitely Beano! May have been something to do with the free toffee bars on the front that I remember quite frequently?! I was such a Tomboy, so this suited me so well! And look at the price - just 14p!
I then progressed onto 'Mandy for Girls' - again, a comic but more girly!
The next magazine I got - for AGES was called Hi! But I cant find any pictures of it! It was pretty similar to 'Blue Jeans' that I progressed on to anyway. Its funny because I can actually remember this cover on this magazine, a snip at 22p! I used to like the posters you got with things like Blue Jeans, Hi! and Jackie. This one had Brother Beyond and Matt Goss, which would have certainly gone on my wall :)
They also had photo stories - remember them? I used to love them!
Which brings me on to 'My Guy' - absolutely full of cheesy photo stories about school and going out with boys! Sadly, I don't think they make these any more. Today's teens are missing out!
I then started reading Just Seventeen - which my mum wasn't very happy about as I wasn't 17!!! 
Look at how young Kiefer looks here! 
I then became music obsessed and got Select - which was all about Indie and alternative music, and usually came with huge posters and a free tape. A tape!! ha ha!
I think after Select, I became old enough that the free magazines stopped and I had to buy my own!
And over the adult years, I have read all sorts of things, buying at least a weekly or a monthly or two each and every month, though I didn't subscribe to anything until I moved into my own house. 
I have always got to read double the amount of magazines that I buy too, as my friend Jo and I have always done magazine swaps. Jo gets Marie Claire and Glamour, which I swap with her when I've read my magazines.I'll also pick up Grazia or Company when they have it on offer for £1, which is quite often!
I dread to think the amount of money that I've spent over the years on Magazines, but as I said earlier, its my little treat, and way of escaping for a bit. 
As I have worked in Fashion for 7 years, its also important for me to keep up to date with current trends and colours. When I worked for Underground Shoes in the design team, we used to get about 20 glossy fashion, alternative culture and lifestyle magazines a month. It was H E A V E N as we were allowed to take them home to read, bliss! I do miss that. I think we worked out how much getting the 20 magazines cost per month once. A lot! Many of them were imported from Japan and the States. I did keep a few of the Japanese ones as I loved them so much - Kera, which is a Gothic Lolita/Fruits magazine.
Obviously I couldn't read any of it, but the pictures were awesome.
 I think I'll go and dig out my old copies when I've finished this post!
At present, I subscribe to two magazines - and they couldn't be more different from one another! Firstly, I get Easy Living which is a bit of a home/lifestyle/interiors magazine aimed at 30 somethings. They have great articles and recipes and nice home stuff and product reviews.
and the other one, as mentioned earlier is Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine. The best tattoo mag in my opinion. I love tattoos, and its all inspiration for Dolly Cool, so I count this one as business expense too!
I also like reading the YOU magazine, free with the Mail on Sunday - which my sister saves for me, and The Stylist, which is a free magazine that they give out at the train station, that Jo passes on to me.
And then of course, there are the 'scene' magazines such as Milkcow and Vintage Life
and craft/creative magazines such as Mollie Makes.
I really could go on and on! So, you could say that I'm a bit obsessed really.
 Does anyone else love reading magazines? Which ones do you like? :)


  1. Another magazine addict here - so much so that i save my tesco clubcard points to get mag subscriptions! I started with the beano too, also loved Justseventeen and smash hits. There was also a magazine called Fast Forward that I used to read as a young 'un.

    Now im into reading everything, since hitting 30 I seem to be loving the homestyle mags and girly fashion mags but I also love Milkcow and bizarre magazine (that one is also read cover to cover by hubby) I used to have a penpal in Japan who sent my magazines too which was awesome.

    Scarlett x

  2. I also love magazines and often buy them from charity shops too (most often to chop up for ideas!) I too save up my Tesco clubcard points and use them for magazine subscriptions. I used to get NME (not strictly a mag I know) and remember getting Just Seventeen too. Ah the memories :)

  3. I LOVE magazines! According to friends my catchphrase is 'I read this article in a magazine' I use my Tesco clubcard points to subscribe to a few mags (Home & Antiques, She, Crosstitcher and Company)I buy Look each week and swap with my Mum who also has subscriptions too, so I always have a pile to read. Bliss.

    I started with Twinkle, on to Spellbound which then became Misty. Jackie followed then Smash Hits and Number One progressing to Kerrang!, Metal Edge, Metal Forces & Metal Hammer, as well as Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. Good mix eh?

  4. Wow, what a blast from the past. I remember buying magazines obsessively when I was at school. Fast Forward, Smash Hits, Big, Just Seventeen (which only 12 and 13 year olds ever bought). I too progressed onto Select, Vox and the NME. These days I never know which magazines to buy. I have no time for fashion glossies and find music magazines cater only to either older men (Uncut, Mojo) or teens (NME). I don't suppose I fit any particular category at the moment

  5. I love to buy the magazines depending on what free make up is on offer. maily Glamour does the best free make up and of course I subcribe to Vintage Life and Psycholy mags too.
    In my teen years, I loved reading Seventeen and Cosmopolitant magazines.

  6. Oh goodness,the covers on some had me flash back giggling.I love old and retro mags!There are a few modern ones I still dig too.

  7. I have never really read magazines, well I guess I did when I was younger but not now. I rarely find anything I enjoy, weird huh? I'd quite like to get a look at Vintage Life but I can't find it round here!

  8. Fast Forward! I'd forgot about that one. And ooh and I didn't know you could get magazine subscriptions with Tesco Clubcard points - Red rag to bull! Thanks for the tip, ladies!
    Glad I'm not alone in my addiction then. And Fiona, they sell Vintage Life in WH Smiths now :)

  9. I haven't read a mag for ages! I started with Twinkle and Bunty, progressed to Look & Learn (being a bit of a geek), Whizzer & Chips and the Beano.
    As a teen I liked Pink and Fab 208. Jackie was always a bit wet so I used to pinch Mum's Cosmo to titter at the naked centrefolds and problem pages.
    I loved The Face and Dazed and Confused in the 1980s.
    Never really liked women's mags. I did used to get Wanderlust and Living Etc but they just made me yearn for expensive travel and fabulous homeware so I'm just a Saturday Guardian reader now. x

  10. I love Milkcow too and Vintage Life mag but too bad I can't get them in Norway! :(

  11. I always seem so busy these days so it's a treat to put my feet up and flick through some magazines - love it. I liked comics when I was young, then moved onto the typical teen mags of the day. I now read lots of books but still like to buy quite a lot of magazines as well. I buy anything and everything from the general women's mags through to DIY and homestyle mags, tattoo mags, Classic American, Custom Car, Best of British, Milkcow, Vintage Life etc. Lots of variety. If we're going on a long journey I have to buy at least one when we call into the services for fuel. So no, you're not alone in your addiction. Pity we're not neighbours as I could pass some on to you! Kaye xx

  12. what a cool post. I always think I wanna read magazines but I can never find the time these days - and I don't even have a tv!!!