Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Some recent vintage buys - a fabulous initial pin & some Bakelite!

Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog will know that I am a collector of vintage costume jewellery. In general, I only wear my own Dolly Cool pieces, and vintage costume pieces too. I don't really care for modern 'shop bought' jewellery! I don't really like metal jewellery either as it usually brings me out in a rash, so its vintage plastics all the way for me! How did I go for so many years without owning Bakelite?!
I have picked up a few fab bits over the last few months, from Etsy, that I thought I would share with you.
First up is this Bakelite cherry necklace.....I was soooo excited when I saw this!
Normally, original pieces go for $100's - however, this necklace is made from an original celluloid chain, and original Bakelite beads, but is newly put together. I got it from BakeliteBaby on Etsy. Rebecca, who owns BakeliteBaby has been collecting, and working with vintage Bakelite for around 10 years and she has some great original pieces, things she has created from vintage pieces (like this), and original vintage deadstock components - all at very reasonable prices. My cherry necklace was $49.50. The cherries are lovely and heavy, hang really well and make that Bakelite 'clunk' noise when they touch each other. It pretty much lives on my neck since I got it!
I also got this Bakelite Scotty Cabochon from BakeliteBaby - he was just $10 and I glued on my own brooch  pin :)
Speaking of brooches, I am building up my initial pin collection and could not believe it when I found this lovely vinatge mother of pearl swallow with a 'C' initial on the scroll work! Hooray! This was $15 from TangoMouseandMe on Etsy.
And I also got this vintage deadstock lucite confetti clamper from RaimentRevival for just $12.50! The reason it was on sale is because it is actually a child's bracelet. It even came in its original 'To A Little Miss' box! This is good news for me as I have teeny tiny wrists (just 5.5" in circumference, yes really!) so it fits me perfectly :)
I do love shopping on Etsy, you really can find some awesome stuff!


  1. Those lpook fantastic- I'm gonna have to get some kiddy bangles on my scrawny wrists (my wrists look bizarre they are so thin!).

  2. Am I the only one who's looking for a tape measure to work out the circumference of my wrists now?!

    You've got some lovely bits and pieces there - I especially like your 'C' swallow.

  3. What gorgeous pieces! I absolutely love the cherry necklace, you got a real bargain with that beauty. x

  4. the cherry necklace is lovely! And every time you mention initial pins I go looking but F seems to be on the rare side :o(

  5. Great bargaings amor!
    gorgeous cherry necklace,Scottie dog will do a wonderful brooch. swallow intial birdie brooch is just darling. I never find any brooches with my I will have to measure my wrist too, I have small hand but chubby wrists.
    lucite bracelet I'm jealous, I been looking for gold one for the longest.

  6. That glittery lucite bracelet is fabulous! =)

  7. Oh what nice pieces! I LOVE what she did with that cherries necklace, so adorable!

  8. What an adorable little Scottie!!