Friday, 30 September 2011

What I did today.....

One of the absolute best things about being self employed is being able to take time off when you want too - and not when someone says that you can (or can't!). Today I did exactly that!
Last month, Michael took some days off so that we could do something nice, bike rides, days out that kind of thing. Know what we did? Nothing! The weather was so dire we ended up staying in hiding from it, ugh. One of the things that we had planned to do, was go for a bike ride along the canal tow path, which my friend Jo had recommended to us months ago. As we knew a few days ago that we were in for a mini heatwave, Michael booked a flexi-day and I took this afternoon off and we FINALLY got to do the towpath cycle route. It was totally worth the wait!
One of the bridges along the path, isn't it pretty?
Michael cycling. Note fab very empty path - it was pretty much like this the whole way :))
Me cycling! On my hideous Barbie pink mountain bike that I've had for years.
Still, does the job!
Lovely narrowboats moored up on the other side
How tranquil? You can even see a swan in the distance
And the best bit of the bike ride? We started and finished at Fredericks Ice Cream shop (its on the A6 in Chorley for local peeps) - so finished off the day with a yummy ice cream! I had honeycomb :)
(you know, because I didn't eat enough crap yesterday! he he)


  1. looks like a great day!I miss having a bike.

  2. How lovely! What a beautiful route you took.

  3. How beautiful amor, cute Barbie bike. the weather has been lovely for most. mmm..yum.. honeycomb ice cream.
    I love narrowboats, the red one in particular.

  4. What a lovely day out.It's so pretty.Love your bike.You look so cute.xx

  5. It was very interesting, and I totally agree with you.. Knowledge = tolerance :)

  6. What a scenic cycle ride, our tow paths are littered with glue sniffers and abandoned trollies.
    Your pink bike is cute. x