Thursday, 20 October 2011

Charity cheer, and Green Eyed Monster!

Hooray! Is all I can say, I feel like I have not got any vintage bargains for AGES. We have only been to about 6 car boots in total this year as the weather has just been so wet, they have been cancelled constantly. I don't care for the indoor ones - as is mainly market sellers with crap like batteries, cleaning products and mobile phones! The Charity shops seem to be a bit lacking in good things too of late, but thankfully that all changed yesterday when I thought I'd pop out for a look in my local hospice shop and I'm so glad that I did! This is what I got;
Set of 2 vintage glasses for my collection - 50p
Not found any for ages, and smashed a few this year (sob!) so very pleased with these
60's mug - 50p
I'm always a sucker for retro florals!
And find of the day - set of 12 unused vintage baubles - £1.50.
How nice are these? In my fave colours and they are all immaculate too. Can't wait to use them at Christmas!
Also picked up this Hello Kitty clock for 50p....I love Hello Kitty and at that price how could I not!
And now for the green eyed monster....that will be me then!
You cant see it so well, but I picked up this lovely emerald green wool mix Topshop cardigan at the same hospice shop the other week for £2.50. Its such a nice colour, that I thought I would use my bright emerald green  Urban Decay eyeshadow as it matches nicely...
Shade: Minx
And this is how it looked. Its a bit loud but I love the colour. Who said red and green should never be seen?!


  1. Great CS buys, can always count on the hospice shops to have great stuff - bargain prices too. I must admit i now have green eyes after seeing those xmas decs - brilliant find! Scarlett x

  2. I haven't had much luck with thrifting of late, either. My friend suggested I need to give some things away, so some new (old) stuff comes my way.

    I like your haul. :)

  3. Great finds! And BAH to red and green should never be seen, that is one rule I ignore ALL the time!!

  4. Great finds! Those baubles are definitely worth keeping up all year round.
    I hate those indoor car boots, too. The sellers are warm and cosy and have no need to haggle so when you find something interesting amongst the new stuff they won't budge on price.
    Red and green should always be seen! x

  5. Great finds. I love that 60's cup. The joy of finding thrifty retro bargains cannot be matched :)

  6. Great finds, those glasses and the mug are awesome!

  7. Red and green, lovely match. Looks fab on you! Awesome finds, especially those Xmas baubles. I'm soooo in Xmas mood already (bit already, I know...)

  8. Pretty glasses! I love the cardi too. Good finds :)

  9. Would that be the Blackburn Road Hospice shop by any chance because if it is then you have found my haven of all things vintage.... I go at least once a week and never come home empty handed. May see you browsing one day soon.

  10. Sooo jealous of the baubles - they're AMAZING! Fab vintage glasses too.

  11. Hello kitty clock! Score! I also love vintage glasses. Cant get enough of them!

  12. I love green eyeshadow! Used to have it all the time some years ago, but now I haven't had any for ages...

  13. Oooh love the glasses and ornaments.also the hello kitty clock.That eye shadow is very pretty with your hair.x

  14. Love, love love the vintage glasses and Christmas vintage baubles. You got some great deal.
    love you being a colorful eyeshadow prostitute.

  15. nice collections!!! real vintage... love your outfit, make-up and especially your hair!!!! sooo cool!!! enjoyed your blog...following you now... hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!!


  16. The spinny brooches on the craft flier are made by a lovely lady in the sudio next to us in the craft centre! Squee! :)