Saturday, 29 October 2011

Vintage Fair in Didsbury

Today I did another Vintage Fair. This one was in South Manchester in a place called Didsbury. While I didn't do amazing well today trade wise (it was fairly quiet), I met some lovely people, had a nice cup of tea and slice of home made carrot cake (yum) and got myself a few cool items!
Here are a few photos from the day;
Todays outfit: FREE! ha ha! This 60s dress was a present off my friend Emma. Isn't it fab? I love it!
Nice vintage crockery stall
Fellow stallholders, Gail and Fran - who were lovely :) 
Fran (in red) is holding a vintage Russian vodka bottle holder in the shape of a man with a HUGE moustache that she had filled with sweets for customers!
More stall folk...loved this gals 60s outfit and beehive
Fave stall of the day goes to the homeware in the corner, drool!
Which I purchased this from:
Is it a bowl? Is it a plantpot? Or a candle holder? Who knows? I just love it so it had to be mine!
No idea what era its from either! Anyone have a clue?
I also picked up this 80s deadstock Hawaiian dress  - mint condition with boned bodice, smocking to the rear - so fits perfectly and is comfortable, and a fit n flare skirt - very me, really happy with it.
And a close up on the print ♥
All in all, I had a really nice day.
Random end to the post - but I picked up this reuseable jute shopper bag in Tesco supermarket yesterday and thought I'd share as its an Orla Kiely charity number - a complete steal at just £4! There are going to be a few designs including the popular pear pattern, but they are limited edition though, so be quick!
(PS - On this link it says they are going to be available from early December, but I got one yesterday!!)


  1. Great scores. Love your dress, it looks so cute!

  2. Sorry I didn't make it today sweetie. You look great though, and a day with cake is never wasted. ;)

  3. Emma is awesome - that dress is HOT!

    Orla for $4 - ridiculous bargain!

  4. You look fab babe!
    That dish is 1960's, I got a candle holder in transparent orange. They're usually quite costy.

    Are you going to Screamin'?

  5. What a fabulous day and you look great!

  6. You really have an eye for finding cool stuff! And yes, I love the necklaces, they're adorable. I wore the Dad one the other day to work and some of the small kids said "is your name Dad??" I was like.. uhm.. yes...

  7. Lovely outfit, and free too...yay ('free' always makes the prettiest dress even better!).

  8. You look fab in your dotty dress :) It looks like you had a productive day even if you weren't too busy. Every little helps .... oh sorry. The Tesco bag put that in my head ;) x

  9. You look fabulous in your free outfit and I love that crazy bowl and Hawaiian frock you bought, too. Hope you're feeling much better now. x

  10. what a fab dress. Suits you so well.

  11. I love your housewive tarot dress, reminds of my tarot cards.
    Free? Wow thats so fb amor.
    Everything looks so inviting, hawaiian dress is going to look gorgeous on ya with all your tiki accesories.

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