Sunday, 16 October 2011

A visit to the beer festival!

Every year, its our local beer festival around this time of year. Its held for 5 days and nights, and all the proceeds from the festival go to a local children's charity. A great night out, a chance to try all sorts of different beers, and all for a good cause? Don't mind if I do!
Me with my friend Jo and our beer!
The scene inside the marquee. This was a Thursday night - so its pretty packed really. You want to see it on a Friday and Saturday night!
The barrels are all line up round the outside. Each barrel is sponsored by a local company, so the festival really does made lots of money for the charity - yay!
When you go in, you pay your entrance fee, then get a glass, a pen and a booklet with all the beers in....
Me and Jo pondering what to have....
Mark, Jo's Husband, and Michael also deciding what to have!
Decisions, decisions! These are the beer tokens that you 'pay' with at the bar. A great system! You can also rate the beers at the side of each one with a mark out of 10 - geeky!!
This is one we tried, it was lovely! I like all the fruit/flavoured ones so tried a ginger one (my fave from last year), cherry, strawberry and a mango and citrus. We try and stick to the pale ales, as the thick Guiness like stouts are a)not my taste b)give you the hangover from hell!!
Entertainment provided by Jazz singer, Jerome who played for well over 3 hours non stop. He has been doing the festival for about 15 years!
Sis Elaine was also there with her work chums!
Silly time....we took a lot of photos which were very silly as you know, thats what happens when you ahve quite a few real ales! ha ha! I will spare my friends and myself by not posting them here - apart from this one of Mark, who is the king of silly photos! CHEERS!
And my outfit - totally forgot to get a full length shot, d'oh! So you have me in two halves! Top photo shows my Miss Fortune short sleeved polka jumper that I wore with a long sleeved black top underneath. I'm wearing my Lady K Loves black high waist pencil skirt, with my 80s pixie boots and my new spotty tights!
Spotty tights are very 'on trend' this season, apparently - like I care - I wear polka all year round, pretty much every day for the last 8 years if not more!! I found this pic in last week's YOU magazine, shoing these polka tights which are £32 fromWalford. £32 FOR A PAIR OF TIGHTS???!! Really? Who pays that?! Mine were £1.49 from the Marks and Spencers clearance shop! :))
Hope you all had a nice weekend!


  1. Love the tights. Looks like a fun night.

  2. Are you coming to the Manchester one on the 29th? It's £3 at the Radisson, and my friend's band are on - The Hatstand Medicine Band if you've heard of them. I'm going to go round asking if stuff is vegan and generally being awkward.

    Looks like you had a great time! The blueberry beer sounds nice. x

  3. That looks like a nice festival! + I love your boots!

  4. Hello and glad to see you had a good night out. I went to the beer festival every year when it was at the Howcroft but since it moved to the cricket club I never seem to see it advertised oh well maybe my beer swilling days are behind me but enjoy.... Also love the boots and I just bought a lovely pair of knitted tights from M&S sale they are covered in flowers (my all time favourite style)
    Beverley xx

  5. I'm a pale ale fan, too! I do love a beer festival.
    Those tights are gorgeous. x

  6. Love the tights. Wolford are so expensive, I hear they never, ever ladder but unless the tights fairy gives me a pair I will be sticking with M&S and Dotty Ps!

    River Island have some great designs at the moment, too!

  7. Lovely tights! If you've got it, flaunt it x

  8. Thanks for the tights comments folks - going to be seeking out some more patterned bargains for sure!
    Kally - I didn't know that one was on, and I'm doing a Vintage fair in Didsbury during the day and out that eve so can't make it :( Have fun!

  9. Love your tights and those BOOTS!!! Fab red color and look! The festival looks like it was fun! My husband would have been over the moon! There is a local brew pub down the way that makes a seasonal pumpkin ale and a chocolate-infused one too. The pumpkin ale even comes with the top of the pint glass covered in a ring of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg. I like the odd beer now and then. I prefer lagers, especially whilst dining on Indian food!

  10. Lots of fun photos and a pair of really cute red boots. Loving your adventure. :)

  11. Looks like my type of festival. Beer :) Awesome coloured boots!

  12. I like the pics of the guy with the googley eyes!

  13. Your drunk ass biatch, love your cute gestures.
    oooh beer festival, how fun.
    those tights are so pretty, I had some primark tights like that, they ripped in a second.