Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What I've been up to!

Nothing greatly exciting, but been out and about over the past few days so I thought Id share with you what I have been doing!
On Thursday night, I was lucky enough to be given a preview evening ticket for The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair, which is a high end craft and art show in the centre of Manchester. Very close by, is currently also a 'pop up' 50s diner (by pop up, its only temporary for a few months, boo) which I have been dying to give a try, so we tied in a visit with the craft show!
I went with my friend Jo, who kindly provided the freebie preview tickets :)
The Pin-Up diner! Boo Hoo its only here until 6th November :(
Inside - Cool 50s vibe and music to match :)
The bar area
Most important bit - the food! I had a filthy double veggie burger with fries and 'slaw.
It was amazingly delicious. The food is all freshly prepared and home made - not processed crap from the freezer! 
Jo had an equally filthy chilli dog, fries and 'slaw! 
We both washed our very healthy meals down with a freshly made milkshake each, YUM!
And then, feeling rather full it was on to the craft event! It was a really nice atmostphere with some great designer/makers showcasing their talents. I didn't take any photos in the venue as I forgot! Oops. You can see plenty of info on their website however.
As it was all high end stuff, it was pretty pricey. Worth it of course, but not somewhere I could go mad and buy loads of things. I did however pick up this lovely recycled vintage tape measure cuff from designer Tamsin Howell:
My new cuff. I love it!
And how it looks on. Chunky and plastic, just my style of bangle :)
On Saturday, I was at the Leeds Roller Dolls Roller Derby touting my Dolly Cool wares:
And on Sunday, Michael and I went on a nice autumnal walk that actually was about an hour longer than planned as we got a bit lost and ended up trekking through muddy fields, and fields with cows in! (*Shudder* I really do not like livestock! Unpredictable animals!). 
Anyway, we made it back in one piece and it was all good exercise :)
Hope you all had a good one!


  1. Love the diner, but why is it only there for a little while?

  2. What an amazing weekend!

    Going to a 50s style diner has always been at the top of my 'Things to do before I die' list. I would absolutely love to visit America and go to a real old fashioned one! Everything down to the little red baskets for fries is so awesome!

    It's a shame that Pin-Up one is only there until November :( We need more 50s diners in the UK. The only one I know about is JB's Diner in Brighton!

    Roller Derby seems to be getting really really popular now! I'd love to go see one for myself.. especially if they're dressed as monsters!! xxx

  3. Oh wow that diner looks amazing, I'm a big fan of American style diners! You're making me crave a milkshake already!!

  4. Wow! Those American diners have never been on my radar because I never knew they served veggie food. Man, I wish the computer screen was like the TV Advert on Charlie & The Chocolate Factory as I could totally reach in and grab that burger off you.
    Love that bangle to the point of extreme envy. It's the perfect match for your tattoo. xxxx

  5. What an awesome weekend!
    I love diners! that veggie burger looks so good. want one now.why are they only there for such short time? vintage tape measure bangle is the coolest, so suits you.

  6. Oh that diner is so cute. I loooooooove that bracelet! What a pretty place for a walk, too bad about the mud :(

  7. The diner is the cutest! Love it! The food looks yummy.....

  8. That diner looks fantastic! Why do the good things never hang around for long?!

  9. The cuff is awesome and I want your veggie burger.
    But one thing really draw my attention more than anything, the skull ring you have, it's awesome! Now I had to check out your collection again to see what rings you have and I absolutely love the skully russian doll ring. Damn, might have to get one even if I almost never use rings... :)

  10. thats a shame that diner is only there for a short time.Mmmmmm a big fat burger.Those shakes look good too.I just love that bracelet,too cool.xx

  11. that diner looks incredible!


  12. The diner looks awesome, such a shame its only there for a little while. Loving the bracelet too :o) Scarlett x