Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New (old!) Plant pot

Saturday just gone, it was a lovely bright, dry autumnal day so I was up and off out early with Michael and my sister, Elaine for a spot of bargain hunting at the big fleamarket at Earlestown. To be honest, it was very slim pickings and I didn't really see much (only one thing!) that I liked enough to buy. Having a tiny house, we just do not have any space for any more clutter so it has to have the wow factor for me to buy it! I always love having a good old rummage through all the crap though - kind of like sifting for gold! - and can't think of how I'd rather spend my Saturday morning :)
Here is my sole purchase anyway;
60s/70s plant pot - £2.50
Not exactly a 50p bargain, but I loved it! The seller looked me up and down and told me it was £3. I haggled him down but he wasn't for shifting much!
Elaine said that she felt that she was overcharged for things too - most likely because we looked smart and well dressed in a sea of tracksuit wearing/scruffy shoppers. Note to self - look like have just got out of bed and don't do hair/makeup next time!
And how it look in situ in the bay window next to our egg chair. Orange and brown is my absolute favourite colour combo for homeware and interiors, yet I'd never wear it clothing colour wise! 
This plant is known as a Zebrina Pendula, or Wandering Jew- and was a present off my mum. They are fab plants if you kind of (ahem) forget to water them as they don't really mind and grow like wildfire anyway in a lovely shocking purple and green. When they get a bit straggly, you just cut off the ends - and stick them in fresh soil, and they grow again. This plant is on its 4th re-incarnation and still going strong :)


  1. Your house looks gorgeous, I've always wanted an Egg chair but not yet found anything in my price range.
    Love that plant pot, I'd have snapped that up, too. I can only imagine the price some of those trendy retro stores would have charged for something that cool.
    I'm rubbish with plants but I can just about cope with succulents and cacti. x

  2. wow, that has to be one of the coolest plant pots Ive ever seen. I cant take care of a plant very well. Im going to make a horrible mother.


  3. Beauitiful plant pot and plant looks very exotic.
    I try to dress down at the boot sales but its hard to compete with tracksuits.
    I only have aloe vera plants growing everywhere.