Sunday, 13 November 2011

Trip to The Vintage Village

Today, Michael and I went to The Vintage Village, which is a big vintage fair held in Stockport Market Hall. I was tipped off about the fair by another stall holder at the vintage fair I did last month, who told me that it was by far one of the best in the area. Having never been to Stockport (even though its only a half hour drive from where we live!) it was also a bit of a day out to explore somewhere new, too.
Here are some photos from the day...
Todays outfit:
 Fake fur coat £5, Ebay and wearing my poppy with pride, as it was remembrance day today
Bow Bag from Woodchip Boutique - custom made just for me :)
Boots - Tesco years ago
Tights - Tesco (yesterday!) £6 - 150 denier fleece lined...cozy
Michael loitering outside some nice Georgian houses we spotted on the way to the market
House detail - stunning!
And the Market hall. A beautiful Victorian building dating from the 1860's that has been recently refurbished back to its former glory
Building detail. Isn't it nice?
And so inside we went! As it was a lovely sunny day it was naturally really brightly lit inside and it was actually quite warm - so I was a bit hot in my fur coat and fleecy tights!
And some of the stalls...
The quality and choice of the stalls was pretty amazing, and the pricing was fair - not stupid.
 There were over 80 separate traders too - so lots to drool over.
We had a good look round, then went to peruse the rest of the town centre, and had some lunch while deciding what to go back and buy!
And this is what I got;
60s storage jar set - £7
We have been after some of these for years. I can never find the right thing though at car boot sales and charity shops. There is always one missing, they are too big, in poor condition or just not the right kind of look that we like. This set is immaculate - and also came with an extra little pot for er.....not sure!
And the lids have sliders on them so you can pour the contents out of the spouts!
Giant 60s print in frame -£5. Loved the colours and style. 
And my fave find of the day (well, Michael spotted it actually!)
50s dress - UNWORN! - £20
This seller had some amazing stuff - 40s/50s/60s homeware all in the original boxes, and some dresses and gloves that were pristine, almost certainly unworn. He told me that they came from the home of a lady, who was 91 when she died, and had been a complete horder. She had basically NEVER thrown anything away, and hardly used what she bought (lots of). I've never seen a stall like it! I wanted it all!!
Close up on the neck detail. There are two patterned pearly buttons that are attached to a flap that closes with metal hooks. The style is a fit and flare (my fave - suits my pear shape!), and has the classic cap sleeves, metal back zipper and pinked inner seam edges that tell me that its more than likely an original 50s piece. 
by Lanfield - Gowns and Two piece suits!
The dress is pristine and only smelled a bit musty - and I'm pleased to report it has survived its first (and probably only) wash in decades! The only thing that I'm going to alter is the length of the skirt as it falls below knee on me, so I'm going to make it a little shorter so its more me!
And a view of the new storage jars in situ in our kitchen. I think they fit in perfectly :)


  1. This looks AMAZING! I am totally envious. What a beautiful dress by the way.

  2. Oh my word I just love that 60's picture! I'm very jealous of your finds in general :0)

  3. OMG, the dress is amazing and I couldn't believe the price. I'm jealous :)

  4. That dress is AMAZING! I am soooo... jealous.

  5. I wouldn't mind paying the Vintage Market there a visit myself, it looks good and I didn't know there was one. I've worked at the Stockport Town Hall loads of times over the years though, and that's a lovely building inside. Kaye x

  6. You look so cute (and snug) in that big fluffy jacket and I love your bag! :D

    The market looks fab, amazing place. Loving your kitchen bits, especially that bread bin!

  7. That dress was a great find!!! Wow!

  8. Great find! Not often you find a 50s item got a great price too!

  9. What brilliant finds! I love that picture and your spotty dress, I can't wait to see you wearing it.
    That bread bin is the stuff of dreams! x

  10. That dress is just gorgeous and I love the picture too. Hmm maybe I won't move into Fiona's house now I'll move into yours instead, or maybe split the time between the two! ;-P

    Re: The little extra jar, I don't know if this is what it is actually for but my Nan and Mum used to keep those sugar crystals you used for coffee in it.

  11. Your house looks like so much fun, you have so many cool vintage things!

  12. Love your fake fur coat, what a bargain.
    Building is amazing, look at all the treasures, eyeing that flowery dress.
    60's jars were waiting for you, they perfectly match your lovely kitchen.
    Polka dot vintage dress is a gorgeous dream, cant wait to see you rockin it.
    Thats my kind of vintage market,Lucky ducky!

  13. AMAZING dress!! Love those kitchen containers too!!

  14. How fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I'll be paying a visit myself after reading about your adventure x

  15. Hoarders need to be praised, not shunned! Look at that amazing dress you got as a result! Love your fur coat. Very pretty, you look (said in my yoda voice).