Monday, 7 November 2011

Weekend away!

 I have had the 5th of November in my diary for quite some time now - not for Bonfire night, but for Whitby Kustom Hotrod show that takes place annually in a lovely quaint seaside town called Whitby every November. As its quite a drive from where I live, Michael and I decided to incorporate it into a weekend away and have a stay over in nearby Scarborough too. We were very lucky with the weather which was lovely and bright and even quite mild at 14 degrees C, for an early November day. Here are some photos from our trip to Scarborough;

Art Deco at the Stephen Joseph Theatre
Me stuffing my face with a Cooplands  (Yorkshire bakery) cheese pastie, which according to Michael are the best. It was rather nice!
The Grand - posh hotel on the cliff top. No we didn't stay here - we stayed in the cheap Premier Inn round the corner!
Tram that goes down the cliff to the beach
The old market hall 
And below the Market Hall is the Market Vaults - a converted cellar with lots of independent traders and vintage stalls - shame most of them were shut!
Lobster pots in the harbour. They smelled dreadful - funnily enough like rotting fish!!
And sunset over the harbour - lovely!
We also managed to discover a few charity shops along the way and picked up a few bargains...
Vintage glasses - hooray! £1.25 for both
60s Xmas decorations - 20p each. 
Even dated on the back! 1968
We had a nice evening in Scarborough, then went for an early night as we had to leave to go to Whitby at 7am. We actually had no sleep as out room was right outside a nightclub - gah! Thump Thump Thump all night till gone 3am. I complained in the morning, and we got a full refund. I should think so too!
Bog eyed and with car packed, we set off to Whitby...Michael did the driving, which was about 15 miles of  scary roads that looked like this:
We arrived in one piece just before 8am and set up stall. The weather in Whitby was pretty dire all day - constant rain. It didn't dampen peoples spirits however and it was however a great show! Whitby Kustom is in collaboration with the goth weekender, so a real mixture of people at the show - great for people watching too. I didn't take pictures of people as I felt a bit rude doing so, and also it was throwing it down most of the time so I just nipped out to take some of the cars - here they are....
Rat Rods

And my best in show was this! Its a Rolls Royce Hearse - fully converted into a scary machine complete with glowing eyed bats, skulls and a full sized coffin in the back!
And of course, no show would be complete without me sampling the local cupcake stall's goods. Michael had the strawberry and vanilla one - with severed finger decoration,and I had an orange sponge with lemon curd filling and sugar bat on top. YUM! 


  1. Oh my! My fella and I are planning a trip to Whitby for the summer (ever since we saw it on an episode of Coast!) We may have to incorporate a wee trip to Scarborough too! The theatre looks great! As do those other buildings! And one day I will make it to a car show!!! That Rolls Royce Hearse is braw!!! Glad you had fun! :) x

  2. those cars are beautiful - oh to own a hotrod! :)

  3. Looks like a great weekend, and some fab pictures! :)

  4. Those pics brought back memories from I was about 6 years old and abroad for the first time in my life! Whitby is such a lovely wee town :)

  5. Looks fab, shame about the weather :/ but strangely i always imagine Whitby foggy, damp and mysterious. Too many vampire novels as a teenager, methinks!

  6. I have those Xmas decorations but being a Christmas hater I've hung them off a light fitting and they're up all year round!
    Custom cars + cheese pasties = bliss! x

  7. Nice hot rods and rat rods. And nice xmas decorations! Me like!

  8. I love Scarborough, spent a few days there about 8 years ago and went on that very furnicular! Whitby's great too and is the first place I ever went without my folks (school trip when I was 11). And btw, Coopland's RAAAAWWWWKKKSS!!!

    K xx

  9. Cooplands *happy sigh* *happy memories*

  10. Wow what ahamzing cars!! I love the seaside, and seeing paraphernalia from the trade made from the sea. We go to Whitstable quite a lot, I always look out for oyster shells along the shore line.

  11. Holy crap!! those christmas decorations are awesome!! Love these pix, thanks girl!

    I'ma following you girl!

  12. What a great town, looks like you two had a great time.
    I kne you had to find something sweet,Mmm cupcakes look delish.
    That skull hearse is da bomba.
    Adorar your vintage glasses and xmas decorations.

  13. I love whitby.I want to live there sooooo bad it isn't funny.I have become obsessed with that place.When me and my hubby went I kept nagging him about the photos.Looks like you had loads of fun.Those cupcakes look so yummy.xx

  14. I was in Whitby on 4th November and saw that Rolly Royce hearse too. It was parked at the side of the road when I saw it.