Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012? Bring it on!

So this is my final post of the year! I've had a brilliant 2011 and met so many interesting and talented people along the way. This was the year that I stepped Dolly Cool a gear, by making new and exciting products, doing more varied and larger shows, making my website better, and getting some fabulous model shots done.... A HUGE THANKYOU to the 3 lovely ladies....

and Nadia!
You gals are all wonderful as the faces of Dolly Cool :))

This morning has been spent taking down all the cards, tree and decorations and having a clean up. I always like to start the year a fresh and can't do that with last years Christmas clutter hanging around. 
I'm already really excited about 2012, as I already have some amazing opportunities in the pipeline, some great shows lined up and some brand new products already waiting in the wings to be my first collection for the new year. So what will I be doing tonight?
 We always have a really low key affair on New Years, I can't be bothered with all the fuss (and expense!) so 
tonight (as every NYE) will be spent with good friends, food and wine - perfect!
I hope that you enjoy yours, whatever you get up to and look forward to lots more blogging (both posting and reading) in 2012.
Happy New Year! :) ♥xo


  1. Have a lovely NYE, see you on the other side :o)

  2. Have a fabulous new year hun, very much looking forward to seeing what Dolly Cool does in 2012! Scarlett x

  3. Have a fab New Year...2011 was a stonker for you, I hope 2012 is even better.xx

  4. Have a great night and here's to 2012. Oh and the unsubtle hint worked! I was very happy to open my Dolly Cool necklace on Christmas morning. x

  5. I had no idea Nadia was a DollyCool face, what a great one she makes too! I must visit her blog x

  6. Happy new year Clare! Hope your evening was good :) x

  7. Happy New Year, Clare! I've loved meeting you this year and chatting on Twitter.
    Hope 2012 is brilliant for you. x

  8. Happy New Year to you too! I have to admit I sort of envy your low key New Years eve, I'm definitely going to aim to have one of those next year too! It sounds like you have an amazing year planned. All the best for it. xx

  9. Happy New Year.I'm glad I found your blog and got to enjoy all the lovely things you make and post about.Looking forward to all your new creations.xx

  10. Happy new year! And good luck with all your plans for 2012! I'm very happy with everything I got from Dolly Cool last year :)

  11. Hello hello !

    Thanks for your wishes and happy new year to you too :)



  12. Hello Clare~
    Thanks for the advice on my sweet new sweater. I have to say your jewelry is just beautiful!!!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!!Happy New Year!

  13. Happy New Year!
    Hope this year brings you more creativity and models!
    I am glad I gotten to know you,your an amazing lady.