Monday, 26 December 2011

Happy Retro & Vintage Christmas!

 Hello and hope you all had a lovely Christmas day yesterday and you got some nice gifts and ate some delicious food. I know I did! I thought I'd share with you some fab retro and vintage things that I got for Christmas.....
First of outfit post! I've spent much of December in scruffs holed up at home working manically on orders, so it was nice to get dressed up for Xmas eve when we had friends round for a meal. 'Scuse my kitchen bin!
Sailor top - Collectif
Hight waist skirt - Lady K Loves
Jewellery - Dolly Cool
Glitter Shoes - Manchester Market!
And the back view of my new bow seamed tights - £3 in the sale from River Island :)
And on to the pressies.....
50s fashion print - from Michael. This is such a fab book. Tons of really great images, perfect inspiration for designers like me!
Journal/Diary covered in original 60s fabric, from Michael. 
He didn't realise when he bought this, but the fabric is pretty much the same pattern as our Formica 60s habitat dining table you can see above!
Charity shop challenge goodies from my sister Elaine. Didn't she do well?! I'm so happy with all these cool things. Love both plates, I've been after a square Pyrex cooking dish for ages, and a cool USA measuring jug so I can now make American recipes that are in Cups! 
Happy Christmas to me, from me! Some vintage cats eye frames (my 6th pair!). I got these from Etsy for $20. They came from the USA in just 5 days, even with the Christmas post! 
I'm going to get my prescription put in these in the new year :)
And a set of 3 60's drinking glasses picked up in my fave local hospice shop, just before Christmas for 75p for the lot. Happy days!


  1. Yay I made it here before you-know-who! Hehe.. Merry Christmas! Love your dress and the tights are awesome :) Love the specs too!

  2. Dolled up Dolly. You look fabulous!

  3. You looking gorgeouslicious in your outfit!
    I thought it was one of Lady K Loves dresses.
    look all the goodies you got, I love the square pyrex bowl.

  4. I do like that top. It really suits you well. I love a top-and-pencil-skirt combo- it bridges smart and comfortable perfectly and works for so many occasions.

  5. Argh, I love it all. You look SO CUTE in the top pic. I buy gifts for myself too... becaue I am worth it, dammit!

  6. You look so elegant in that sailor suit, it really shows off your fabulously trim figure. Love your pressies, especially those specs! x

  7. Lucky girl! I remember my grandmother had several of those cooking dishes <3 That suit fitted you like a glove :D

  8. oooh that book, fabulous! I want that book too :o)

  9. You look so cute.Love your outfit.Thats cool the pattern on the journal matches your table.Love the dishes and those eye glasses are very pretty.Can't wait to see you wearing them.Love the drinking glasses.what lovely gifts.xx

  10. amazing finds!!! you look fabulous! love your blog very much :D

  11. Retro Xmas looks like a cool idea. No one in my family is jive to the retro but me. I'd love to get vintage gifts. Love your dress. I love black and white.

  12. Love your outfit, especially the tights. You look so cute! And what a great find on the vintage frames. $20?? Can't beat that.