Thursday, 8 December 2011

London Trip - Gig, Theft, Kustom Kristmas and a lipstick review!

Last weekend, I packed my Dolly Cool bags and headed off to the big smoke for Kustom Kristmas! I arrived on Saturday afternoon, and after something to eat, went to watch psychobilly band King Kurt at the Underworld in Camden. Great gig, lots of flour throwing and fun and then the downside to a great night - I had my wallet stolen while getting on the bus to go back to my friend Kate's. It all happened in a second, as these things often do. Someone was obviously watching me and had seen me take my Oyster card (Travel pass) out of my wallet, and put it back in my bag, at the top. A few minutes later after a scrum to get on the bus - my wallet was gone. I'd been pickpocketed :(
I was obviously really hacked off, but got straight on the phone and cancelled my cash card. There wasn't much else of use in the wallet - but it did have £40 in cash inside, and it was a fabulous (and expensive!) metalflake and leopard Trophy Queen wallet! Boo Hoo. Anyway, there was nothing i could do, and pointless being cheesed off all weekend about it, so it was onwards and upwards for Kustom Kristmas!
Me in my new deadstock 80's does 50s hawaiian dress, and my Dolly Cool Sugar Skull & pearl necklace with my friend Emma who had come to see me even though she is due to give birth in two weeks! :)
And a full length shot on my dress, with my buddy Kate (who organised the event). Photo kindly pinched from Rockalily :)
My stall with me rooting round in my cherry print case! This comes with me everywhere. My friend Mark haggled at a car boot for me for this and I got it for £5. Photo again kindly pinched from Rockalily as I forgot to take pic of my stall!
Art Korner! Kate aka Clumsy woodburned art, Nik from Pretorius Custom Instruments and Leah from Juan is Dead - awesome Mexican and Day of The Dead inspired mosaic art!
Kalahula and Lily Bamboo
Mariana's Tasty Treats. Mariana certainly makes a great cake!
Ree Ree from Rockalily  with her lipsticks, and general scene in the pub! Cosy and festive! 
My 'healthy' meal (ahem) Chunky chips with spicy tomato relish and garlic and chilli mayo, yum. A large slab of Mariana's blueberry cake for dessert. Even yummier.
And now onto my review.....I was across the way from Ree Ree from Rockalily all day. I have been wanting to get one of her lipsticks for a while, but I'm a bit funny about make-up - I like to see it first, and as a MAC user, I like good quality lipsticks. Cheap ones that slide off after 20 minutes are a no no! Anyway, I should have believed the hype as they are very nice quality, in lovely colours. I opted for the Rockette Red:
You can just tell when you put it on that its nice quality. Rich, moisturising and a great colour. I wore this all day yesterday and it stayed on pretty much all day even after eating and drinking. Very happy indeed and they come highly recommended from me! You can get them in 4 regular shades, and 5 special edition shades too. Click here to visit the Rockalily website.
And this is the lady behind the lipsticks who also got some things from me!

Ree Ree wears Love/Hate necklace, Trash Earrings and a cherry and leopard hairclip, all by me - Dolly Cool :)
I had a great day, met some lovely people and did well on my stall. All in all, a fab weekend!


  1. I'm like you with make-up. I don't wear lipstick very often and though I have been very tempted by all the Rockalily hype, I really want to see it in the flesh so to speak.

    What a bummer about your purse.

  2. Sorry to hear about your purse :((
    On a positive note, I can highly recommend Rockalily Rockette Red ... it's stunning :))

  3. I love, love, love your style Miss Clare.

  4. BOOOO about your wallet being stolen :( I hope whom ever did it gets some really bad karma payback! I love that you stayed positive and enjoyed the rest of your day though, and it does look like it was a very awesome day indeed and you looked gorgeous so that's all that matters!

    I have looked on the Rockalily website multiple times over this past year but I'm a MAC girl like you and just wasn't sure if I would like them enough to pay £14. I think I may purchase Roulette Red for my birthday after Christmas!

    Are your Sugar Skull & Pearl necklaces available to buy on your website because I have looked for them in the past and can't seem to find any! xxx

  5. Blimey, King Kurt, that takes me back!
    Boo to the wallet theft, some people are such scumbags, I sincerely hope they get their come-uppance.
    Both you and your stall look wonderful and I'm craving chips'n' dips now! x

  6. Oh no, sorry to hear damn thieves! I keep my mula in my breastest, sew a small pocket with for your special belongings. thats why I hate using the Tube and buses. You look deliciosa in that Hawaiian dress. your stall always looks invinting. I used to have a cherry suitcase but broke down last year in Holland. Look at all that Mexi-goodie!
    mmm have me craving fries with your sauces now. I always wanted to try her lipsticks ,but I'm too cheap.

  7. Looks like a blast.So sorry about your wallet and that bad person.Love all those goodies everyone has.I would have spent all my money for sure.The food looks so yummy.Oooh lipsticks gonna check her site out now.xx

  8. Glad you like your lippy Miss Dolly Cool! I have been rocking my Dolly Cool stuff way more than is healthy ;-)

  9. Oh no for the wallet! But I'm glad if you still managed to have a fun time!

  10. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies! The Rockalily lipstick, after wearing it a fwe times this week is, in my opinion better than MAC! I am converted!
    VainGlorySinner - Glad you like the Sugar Skull & pearl chokers, up to now they have just been show exclusives, but they will be on the website next this space! :)

  11. lovely choices!

  12. Aww, so sorry to hear you got mugged. :(

    Looks great! Wish I was healthy enough to go, sucked big time, no Clare and no Brighton.

    Chunky chips, mmm...

  13. Hey Nice lipstick..... I want one....