Thursday, 1 December 2011

Trip to York

You may have noticed my posts are a bit few and far between at the moment....this is due to the time of year and  being inundated with orders from Dolly Cool! I'm not complaining of course, but it does leave a little less time for doing fun things to blog about! Last week however, Michael and I took a much needed day off and we went on our annual visit to one of my favourite places in the world, York. I went to University here and lived for three very happy years in this fantastic city. If you ever get chance to go, you absolutely should!
We arrived around 12 on Thursday, just in time to go and get some delicious lunch in a one of the tea rooms. We then hit the Charity Shops - of which there are many, hurrah!
The row of Charity shops! Sadly, we didn't get anything on this trip. York has a lot of students, and a lot of tourists so all the good stuff gets snapped up right away! Always worth a look though :)

Some of the ancient architecture near the Minster (York's impressive Cathedral)
And here I am outside the Minster. Well wrapped up as it was a cold day...brrrr
Nice isn't it? Its just as impressive on the inside. I was lucky enough to graduate in here.
My absolute favourite street anywhere is this one - Stonegate. It looks so pretty when they have the Christmas lights on
And the world famous Shambles - which dates from the 14th Century
Also famous - Betty's Tearoom. Always a queue to go in! I've still never been in here, I'm not queueing for cake, and its really expensive! We had afternoon tea at a tea room round the corner with no queue and a coffee n' cake special ;)
We stayed over, so at night it was out for a delicious meal at an Italian Restaurant, followed by (quite a few!) drinks in various pubs. One of my Faves is The Snickleway -one of the oldest pubs in York, and apparently one of the most haunted pubs in the country. I'm not in tune with all that stuff, so I've never seen anything funny - but a lot of people have!
I was drinking the festive and warming mulled wine....


  1. Very jealous, I love York. I'm glad you got the chance to have a lovely day off :-)

  2. York is such a wonderful place to visit! I love going there in the summertime but especially around Christmas as everything looks and feels so charming and traditional!

    Pyf and I spent the night in The Golden Fleece once as it is also meant to be haunted (it was host to an episode of Most Haunted) We didn't experience anything but it was still fun and the room we were staying in - The Minster Room - was gorgeous! It's such a quirky old pub! We also went on a ghost walk around all the 'haunted' locations which was a blast!

    I really must go there again sometime soon! If only to check out The Snickleway! xxx

  3. Cheers Dolly !!!

    I can comment again your blog Woooo hooooo !!!! finaly !!!!
    I had only must log 3 times to do it but it's work !!! arffff !!!

  4. Ah I love York, not so far from where I grew up and I also haven't been to Betty's ever, too expensive when I was younger, and haven't been recently! Looks like you had a fabulous time :o)

  5. I love York, so festive and attractive.

  6. That shot of you and your booze is sheer poetry!
    One of my friends was at York University in the 1980s and I spent many a drunken weekend with her, staggering around the pubs and roaming the charity shops. we went to Betty's once and were horrified at the bill for a pot of tea and a teacake but it was a stunning place. x

  7. glad you're so busy business wise!That cathedral is amazing!

  8. Ah never been but will one day. so beautiful amor.haunted? right up my alley.
    Gorgeous Cathedral!
    I love Cathedrals.