Saturday, 17 December 2011

What I've been up to this week....

Blogging absence means its rather busy here at Dolly Cool HQ!
Its not been all work and no play though....this is a little look into my week....
This is my back garden snowed! 
We put up our Christmas Decorations...This is the pink tree with my vintage baubles on ♥ 
And the real tree that we have in the window, mmmmm smells of pine when you come in the room :)
I've been really busy making masses of orders.....
I went to see Adam Ant live in Manchester. AA was one of my childhood faves  - and heart-throbs! Not quite so dashing now....
But he was back then - WOOF! ;)
He was absolutely brilliant and put on an amazing show. What a showman! And he still has his trademark two drumkits too, which sounds awesome.
I also treated myself to some red glitter shoes - just £12.99 off the market in Manchester! 
I was inspired by some fabulous shoes that Kally had on last weekend at a show we were both trading at, but I'm a bit rubbish in heels (I do have some beautiful red glitter heels that I hardly wear as they are too high!)- so flats are more my thing!
Hope you have all been having a good week and are getting all sorted for Christmas! :)


  1. I miss snow! Last year we had tons of it for christmas. Now everything is just wet and grey and .. wet. Lovely pic!

    Haha - a pink christmas tree! How charming! I love pink ;)

    Hope you get everything done by christmas, Dolly!

  2. Hehe I'm not gonna say anything right now.. cus you know EXACTLY what I want to say. Wow pink tree, I'm gonna do the same.Lol.

    I've been wondering what you've been up to, but I can see why! Busy bee :)

  3. Your Christmas trees look great,love your baubles.Your dam Ant love is like my Moz obession.he has lush in his day.It snowed here for like half hour on Friday.Ooooo red glitter shoes, Im still looking for my Dorothy glitter heels.
    Nice to see your work area amor.

  4. Love that you have a funky pink tree and a traditional one. Both beautiful in their own ways :)) Happy Holidays! xx

  5. I love that pretty pink tree! Our snow was pitiful compared to yours.
    I fancied the pants off Adam Ant back in the day. I'm so glad he's over the worst of his depression, he came across as being lovely when he was on BBC Breakfast the other day. x

  6. Those glitter shoes are superb.

    Lots of busy things- sounds exciting right now!

  7. awww I went to see Adam ant when i was 14, I was determined I was going to marry him ! Glad he's still playing, he's had a tough time. :)

  8. Your backyard is so adorable and any gal with a pink tree is a fast friend! Your jewelry is beautiful!!!!!

  9. Beautiful trees.I wish it would snow here.No chance with 70 degree weather.Lucky girl.I would die to see Adam Ant.I was obsessed with him and still think he is hot.What cute shoes.Hope you have a lovely