Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Design Inspiration - Mid Century Modern Prada SS12 collection

Its not something I talk about much on here - but I am from a fashion design background (its what I did before going self employed with Dolly Cool), and its still something that I do today on a freelance basis. I do read high fashion magazines - not because that's who I design for (regular readers will know I design for Too Fast - a US punky/alternative retailer), but because the majority of high street - and alternative - fashions, do originate in some way shape or form from catwalk collections. Its good to know what is out there, and what is inspiring millions of others in the fashion industry.
To be fair, I think the vast majority of stuff is pretty hideous! Over branded, unwearable and obviously ridiculously expensive! In general, the only designers I rate (and this is purely my opinion of what appeals to me),  for doing quirky and fun but wearable things are Vivienne Westwood, Moschino, Henry Holland (love his very affordable H! by Henry Holland collections for Debenhams) and the late, great Alexander McQueen. This was until I got this months Elle and Vogue with the SS12 collections in them and saw the Prada SS12 collection!
It is described as Mid Century Modern and I just love the prints, styling and accessories......
Front cover of  February UK Elle that first caught my eye....

Look at the super cute cowboy print!
Various retro styling details from the menswear collection
Hot rod styling and applique on bags!
Check out that metal grille handle - cool!
And last, but not least the amazing hot rod inspired shoes! ♥♥
The red ones are my fave! 
Not that I'll ever own such items as they are all WWWAAAYYYYYY out of my price range, but its certainly a cool collection, and I never think its a bad thing when retro styling is "in fashion".
Of course for myself and many of my readers, retro styling is never out of fashion ;)
I am obviously ahead of the fashion pack anyway as one of my longest standing Dolly Cool pieces is my Hot Rod necklace!
Maybe Prada were inspired by me? ;) he he!


  1. Wow some really nice prints! I have no interest in fashion at all, I pretty much like what I like and that's it, I'm not snobbish about it I just don't much even 'like' the idea of fashion, style on the other hand that's another matter. However it's always interesting to see something different in fashion as you say there are so few producing actual original pieces!

  2. I'm pretty sure they copied you. Like someone else *cough cough* does ;) hehe x

    btw the cowboy print is too cute!! reminds me of being little:)

  3. Cute kitsch prints! I love to see all kinds of fashions. inspires me to be more out there.
    I want those hot rod heels in red too and the bag to match.
    love your hot rod necklace!

  4. That appliqued bag is stunning!

    I always love when retro styles influences fashion, because you can almost directly trace whichever piece it's inspired by/part of the era! Amazing, sleek, chic, and incredibly polished, totally something I'd expect from Prada - but with a cute quirky twist!

    Great post xx

  5. Wow.the patterns are amazing.Just love the shoes.That necklace is just perfect for those hot red it.xx

  6. The prints! The shoes! The price! *faints* also EWW to that huge blister on the model's toe in the close up - those girls' feet really suffer in the name of fashion.

    I need the bags too!