Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Wintry Visit to Hebden Bridge

 Today Michael and I decided to have a drive out and go to a little Yorkshire Village called Hebden Bridge. Hebden Bridge is very quaint and is renowned for its creative community - there are lots of designer/makers who have studios and shops here, and there are traditional pubs and shops, charity shops and markets (on some days) as well as a host of festivals and events throughout the year. To be honest, we probably didn't pick the best day of the year to go as temperatures are around 0 deg C at the moment, but we still had a lovely day out. What we didn't expect was that on the way there - it would be a winter wonderland!
View from the side of the road, looking over the moors...snow as far as the eye could see! Luckily, the road although a bit desolate, is a well used bus route, so is well gritted and clear.

Thank goodness I wrapped up warm in my bargain £5 faux fur coat and ear muffs, brrr!

Back down in the valley again, and no snow in Hebden Bridge itself. This is the pub that we went for lunch in, yum :)

And the bridge over the river in the village centre
There are lots of lovely shops filled with original craft and design from Independent designe/makers - like in the Arts Centre
I really loved this shop - The Yorkshire Soap Co. The lady in the shop kindly let me take a few photos inside. It smelt divine, everything is handmade and it was so beautifully presented. A lot of the soaps were made to look like cakes....
Yum! (Or not!) I treated myself to a strawberry cheesecake soap, and had a gift set made up for a friend's birthday present.
Good enough to eat...almost....
Michael took his camera and got some photos, and then we headed back home - once again through the winter wonderland....
Stunning - but freezing!!
We didn't leave Hebden Bridge empty handed of course, after paying a visit to a yummy looking old fashioned bakery on the way back to the car.....
Jam sponge slice and a cup of tea when we got in. This was SO yummy!
I also picked up a few bargains in some of the 6 Charity shops in the village (Yes, I did print out a Google Map of them all before we went so we didn't miss any!)
Retro flask, never been used £1.50 from Oxfam. 
Think they sell these in Urban Outfitters for about £15 so I got a bargain! 
Lonely Vintage Glass - to add to our collection, 50p from Greyhound Rescue
And soft black leather bow peep toe mini wedges (as new) £2.99, Oxfam
We really enjoyed our day out, but think next time we go - we'll wait until the weather is a bit nicer as it was rather harsh today!


  1. oooh I bet it was chilly today! Looks like a lovely place to visit though.

  2. Hebden Bridge is just over the hills from where I was born and raised :) (Keighley)Do you ever go over to Haworth and have a ride on the steam train? They do a 40's weekend in the summer, everyone dresses up, looks fab :)

  3. What a lovely looking place! I love that Campbell's flask. Awesome find.

  4. A lovely blog post and, guess what .... there's another charity shop opening soon ready for your next visit x

  5. Fallingonabruise: Yes! I went a few years ago to the 40s event - you can read my blog post on it here :) http://dollycoolclare.blogspot.com/2010/05/haworth-1940s-weekend.html

    Heart Gallery - Ooh Goodie! The more the merrier!

  6. I've always wanted to visit Hebden Bridge, I imagine it's all arty and hippy-ish like my favourite place in the UK, Totnes.
    It looks freezing but you look so cute in your ear muffs.
    Loving the new tattoo. xxx

  7. Oh the soap cake are awesome.
    love your warm furry coat and cool boots.
    adore the wedge on your pee bow shoes.