Saturday, 31 March 2012

Death to all but metal! Steel Panther Gig & Glam rock outfit post....

Last night, I went to watch L.A Spoof glam rockers Steel Panther with my sister, Elaine. This was my treat to Elaine as a thank you for all her help at my shows, and for knitting me jumpers from vintage patterns!!
Elaine has been a rocker since she was a teenager - and loves hair metal, punk and rock, and when SP were coming to town, I just knew she would love to go.
For those not in the know, Steel Panther are a VERY rude, spoof glam rock/hair metal band. They can't play the songs on the radio (far too filthy!) so its all thanks to You Tube and word of mouth how they have got so big. With song titles including 'Balls Out' and 'Asian H00ker' (and they are the clean ones!) If you are easily offended - don't look up their songs. Mum, this means you! ;)
Anyway, its the thing to do to dress up accordingly to go and see them. We had great fun with this, and with lots of leopard print, lace, backcombing and half a can of hairspray, we were ready to go......and here we are!
Rock on! I may add that I haven't worn a cropped top, or back-combed my hair for 20 years, so I didn't do too badly eh?! And Elaine has crimped hair! ha! Remember crimping irons!
How the band look - Now you can see why we dressed up! There were SO many people dressed up, it was really funny!
Panther on stage
Rock hands!
We had a great time. They put on a great show, and Elaine loved it which was the main thing. Shame my hair didn't love the back-combing and hairspray, it took me AGES to brush it out, and I was glad to wash it and get back to my normal self today! ha ha!
Have a good weekend everyone :)


  1. Horns up to you my metal sister for the night! You are a sweet set of sisters and you both look so fab glam rock I love it! What a fun night of dress up and hilarious music! Thanks or sharing this cracks me up!

  2. ha ha ha you look fab! You pulled the look off well. Always makes me laugh when I see people wearing something that is not within their norm!

  3. I LOVE you as a rock chick, you look brilliant! I love Steel Panther, I'm dying to get a chance to see them live. xxx
    PS Umberto Gianni does a fab Backcomb spray if you're thinking of sporting the big hair look again, much easier to comb out than the real thing.

  4. I love Steel Panther! Seen them once and going to see them again this year. Me and 80's rock style - i'm sure you know I dig it big time. So your outfit rocks :)

  5. You twisted hot sisters look like true rocker biatchs!
    look at your fit body amor! love the leopard jeans.I dont get offended I still listen to Twisted Sister/ Motley Crue old stuff.

  6. Ha ha ha you are both fantastic !!!! Wish i could be here :)

  7. haha love your look. Looks like you never left the 80's! I am big fan of the crop top.