Thursday, 29 March 2012

A grand day out!

After two very hectic weeks including lots of work, a trip to London, and my birthday - I finally found time to take a bit of time out, and with the weather being randomly really nice at the moment (around 20 degrees C), Michael and I had a day out at two of out favourite local places, Clitheroe (A historic market town, with quaint streets, a castle and lots of charity shops!) and Towneley Hall - a stately home in beautiful grounds.

Here are some photos from our day.....

Clitheroe Castle in the hazy sunshine
An old stone window. I liked that it still has the original sash and interior shutters.
After walking around for a bit, I spotted this really cute vintage inspired tearoom/cafe and shop where we decided to have our lunch, Callooh! Callay!.
It had an Alice in Wonderland theme....check out the cool flamingo wallpaper!
Food and drinks served in mis-matched china, lovely. I had the 'Tweedle-dum, Tweedle-Tea', which was a very nice spiced blend with cinnamon & cloves. To eat, I had a rather yummy blue cheese and pear panini, which was MASSIVE, and served with vegetable crisps and a hearty salad, yum.
Upstairs in the cafe was a vintage shop! Set out like a house, with the clothing in an old wardrobe, and jewellery on the dresser!
And check out the funky wallpaper in the middle room
Even the loo was cool! 
After lunch we climbed to the top of the castle
Todays outfit:
Swallow Shoes - Miss L Fire (their first outing! And v.comfy too)
Spotty jeans - Primark
T-shirt - Sailor Jerry (from USA)
Cardi - Benetton (from Charity shop, £1.50)
Bag - Birthday present
Sunglasses - Original 50s Polaroids from Florida last year, fitted to my prescription
Hairtie & Jewellery - Dolly Cool (of course)
Clitheroe Castle & War memorial - look at that blue sky!
And at Towneley Hall. This is how England looks on a nice sunny spring day!
Daffodils! Spring flowers are my favourite.
Fountain outside the hall. 
Walking in the grounds. It was lovely and quiet and peaceful. Just what I needed after a hectic few weeks!
My feet! Oh how I do love my new Miss L Fire shoes :))
Michael. And I did actually find a couple of goodies in the charity shops too!

80s wool cherry cardigan with apple buttons, £3.50 
Red 50s hankerchief vase - 50p 
All in all, a grand day out! :)


  1. The cherry cardy is awesome.

    You have the birdy shoes - they are awesome!

    I need a flamingo in my toilet!!!

  2. I love that cardigan!
    *sigh* England always looks so greeen and pretty and atmospheric. I wish I was there!

  3. I LOVE the flamingo wallpaper!! That place looks amazing I even love the loo ha ha! Glad your Miss L Fires are comfy, I do love that they look good and are comfy, a rare combination eh?!

  4. What a lovely day out. I love your charity shop finds. The wallpaper is amazing, especially the flamingo one.

  5. I loooove that wallpaper. So much so that when i saw the same one a while back i bought some but have not yet used it. Its by Cole & Son, check it out. They do some lovely wallpapers :)

  6. Cool places. nice to heard that you enjoy springtime.

    Bye bye.


  7. What a wonderful day. Your country is so beautiful!

  8. I used to work with a guy from Clitheroe, he always said it was lovely and he was right! Love your outfit, those spotty jeans are such fun and so are those incredible sandals.
    I have that flamingo wallpaper on my landing! x

  9. More of the beautiful UK love it!!!!! What a killer hike and the view looks breathtaking or maybe that was the hike up. You look cute in your new sandals and the shop you went into was adorable! Loving that cherry sweater! So you!


  10. Oh my! This looks like a perfect day out. Historic buildings, vintage shopping, The English countryside on a Spring day and Alice in Wonderland! I'm so jealous! PS. That vase is AMAZING :)

  11. Looks like a fab day! That loo is the most! That is a cute vase!

  12. What a wondrous day out, such lovely views and buildings.
    cute cherries cardy and polka dot handkerchief vase, how usual and fascinating.
    swallow shoes!! OMG how cool!