Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Recent Buys, Finds and Acquisitions!

I've not bought myself much for AGES, and have been really busy and have had little time to go shopping and thrifting, and its not car boot season where I live yet (end April!), but I thought I would share with you a few cool bits and pieces that I have bought, found and acquired over the past few weeks!
Mega treat! Swallow sandals from Miss L Fire
They were expensive (£55 = eek!) but I LOVE them. Come on summer!
Melissa Fade flock peep toe pumps - In the sale for £9.99. They should RRP at £60 so I got a bargain here, and they smell of strawberry bubblegum too :)
And I know that every Tom, Dick and Harry will have one of these, but I don't care because I love it!
Remember the Prada SS12 collections that I blogged about a few months ago? Well Primark have gone and ripped it off  done a version, a mere snip at £12. The Prada one is £815!!
And a close up of the print. It is so similar to the original I really dont know how they have got away with it!! I  got a matching twinset style cardi for £6 as well - bargainous summer outfit!
And from the charity shops....
Two vintage patterns. 80's one on left 10p. Looks a bit cheesy on the package in those 80s yuk fabric combos, but I like the style of the cap sleeved top and will look nice in my choice of fabric.
70's one on right, 50p. The style is very 50s I think, and think this will be my next sewing class project, along with the 50s pencil skirt.
I went to my fave Manchester fabric place on Saturday, where they have big offcut bins that you have a rummage through and buy by weight. I got this fab Hawaiian (about 2.5 metres) for £2.30. What a steal!! 
And a close up of the print, nice and detailed. This is what the full skirt (its not a full circle) is going to be made from...watch this space!
I also picked up this stunning 50's glass in the charity shop for 50p. Its my new favourite! Surprise surprise, there was only one, so it can join the rest of the glass orphanage!
And look what I acquired! A lady at sewing class was having a clear out and brought in a big bag of fabric for the class to pick from. I chose this lovely bright turquoise gingham, and this original 60s daisy fabric. there is over 2 metres of it...not sure what to do with it yet but its really bright and cheerful! :)


  1. oooh lots of great stuff! I knew you'd like those Miss l Fire ones, gorgeous eh? Glad you got them!

  2. Hah - I'm going to buy the yellow version of that skirt! I spotted it yesterday on the hunt for tights but didn't have time to stop/try it on so I'm going back! Love those shoes :)

  3. I saw that primark skirt in a magazine and wondered how they got away with doing one so very, very similar!

  4. Those Miss Fire shoes are so killer and totally you, worth every nickel! I also am digging your pink bubble gum shoes :) You scored on that sweet Prada knock off, love it and all your new fabric, can't wait to see what kind of cool stuff you create!

  5. Can't believe those first pair of shoes! So gorgeous! I wouldn't be able to wait for the oncoming summer either. :)

  6. Those bird shoes are just gorgeous, I don't blame you for splashing out. That fabric is almost identical to a Hilo Hattie maxi dress I bought from a chazza last year, isn't the print fun? xxx

  7. Very cool stuff, and what fun fabric!

  8. I am so jealous that you got that fabric out of the bins!! I am going in tomorrow and hunting through every scrap to see if there is more.

    I got the cars skirt in yellow :) and the tops in both colours. Think I'm going to iron out the skirt pleats... they work much better on smaller frames like yours.

  9. I just want to jump through the screen and grab the Miss L Fire sandles and run away.They are so cute.Love the skirt from primark.Do they have a website?those patterns are cute.love the skirt on the one set.Hope sewing is going good.All the fabrics are pretty.xx

  10. Ooh what lovely things!! I absolutely LOVE the 'swallow' shoes-I'm loving all things 'birdy'! I'm craving your yellow daisy fabric too. xx

  11. The first time I saw those Swallow sandals I actually thought of you! I'm glad you got them :-)
    I love the faux-Prada skirt...I'm in the US so I'm wondering if Primark has a website? I guess even if they do, with overseas shipping & all it wouldn't be such a bargain anymore :-(
    Great finds!

  12. Thanks for all your lovely comments ladies! Sorry Vintage Kitten & Dina, but Primark don't sell online - boo :( Its kind of like your Target, but I think Target is better (and they don't ship here either!!)

  13. Oh you bought them. They physically excite me. Those shoes. Those beautiful Miss L Fire shoes. And...I am calm.

  14. What great buys, I love the swallow sandals :)

  15. What seriously delightful, lovely finds. I'm beyond smitten with the swallow sandals - soooo beautiful!

    Wishing you a stellar Sunday,