Friday, 20 April 2012

Sewing class result = the finished dress!

As my regular readers will know, I began taking sewing classes a few months ago. I have been machine sewing for years - but no one had ever showed me how to do it properly, or how to make from a pattern, something that had been on my "to-do" list for a long time!
I finished my dress at the end of the ten week course, in which I also learned valuable skills like how to insert different zip types and interfacing, using an overlocker, needle types and their uses, and how to measure yourself properly for patterns. I am really thrilled with the results! The class started up again today after a two week break for Easter, so I thought I'd wear my finished dress for class, and get a few pics to show you. So, here it is....
Ta da! Also shocking that its actually sunny here today (its been dreadful for the past few weeks!)
Accessorised with leggings and a thermal vest (its still cold in the UK), Bakelite bangles, and a black bow waist belt. 
And a close up of the top detail. I still can't believe that I actually made this all myself! The most tricky bits were inserting the zipper up the centre back, and the cap sleeves.
I love the shape so much that I already started on another dress, but the sleeveless version, in this lovely Hawaiian fabric that I found at a local discount fabric store, where you buy offcuts by weight. I got 2 metres for just under £4! ($6.00)

And a close up of the print - perfect for summer!
My next projects are a couple of skirts that I have just begun cutting out (both vintage patterns). I'll keep you posted when I have something to show!
When I got home from class, the postman had been and brought me 2 exciting parcels....
The first was this beautiful green Bakelite bangle - I bought this off Etsy for $20 from Illinois, USA. It got to the UK in just 3 days, amazing! 
I love the way it makes the other bangles really pop with colour, and how well it matches my new dress!
The other thing was this fab flamingo fabric - how cool is this?  I am going to make another sleeveless dress out of this too. At this rate, I'm going to have about 50 dresses in this pattern in different fabrics!
As if you couldn't tell, I absolutely adore print and pattern. As a designer, thats a good job really! Here is a sneak peak at my wardrobe...
Only a couple of plain things in here I think!
The skull, eyeball and triffid vine print dark red dress to the right is one of my own designs that I made for Too Fast :)
Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Talented lady! Lovely prints and design x

  2. They're gorgeous! You're a natural sewist. The flamingo fabric is going to look stunning made up.

  3. I LOVE the flamingoes, the dress looks great too!

  4. ohhh soo pretty! I can't wait til I'm as good as you!!

  5. That turned out really great! You've inspired me! I'm the same way that you were...I've been sewing on my own for a long time, but I'm pretty much self-taught, and I'm not comfortable reading a pattern or dealing with those tricky things like sleeve insets & such. I'm going to find a sewing class around here and just do it!
    Your new green bangle looks fantastic with the others and with that print, too. A fine purchase!

  6. I love the dress. All these fabrics are so lovely and your Bakelite colours really do pop xx

  7. Adorable, I love it! I'm a sucker for printed retro fabrics too. Please, please show us the flamingo one when you're finished, I bet it's going to look amazing!

  8. Oh my, I love the Hawaiian fabric, I have a stash of Hawaiian fabric I need to make a dress with! You inspire me but I need the time!!! :) Well done on all the great sewing! It is so rewarding to wear a pretty dress you made huh!? :) Have a lovely weekend! :) x

  9. cute you look & the dresses are freakin' eye candy!!! thank for the follow!!! you were the first!!! love your bracelet...wish me luck on the tweet...have no clue but in for the ride!!!!!!

  10. I've got to teach myself to sew- my mum can whip up a dress with ease, but when I was younger I never asked her HOW (I think I thought you just suddenly can on your 18th birthday or something).

    Both dresses are super, love the fabrics!

  11. Your first dress is lovely but the Hawaiian one wins it for me. I loved the material anyway but it looks amazing made up.

    I bought myself a new sewing machine in January and I haven't even taken it out of the box yet *blush*
    My Mum told me off about it today infact.

  12. That Hawaiian dress is tops! Great work! I need to take a sewing class too! This post is giving me a lot of inspiration!

  13. Hi. Where did you get the flamingo fabric from? I love it but cannot find it anywhere online, I'm getting married in Cuba next year and it would be perfect for bridesmaid dresses - please share the secret!

  14. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies! I really hope this will be the start of something good and I can make myself all sorts of nice things!
    Anonymous: I got it off Ebay :)

  15. That dress is gorgeous! I love Babushka dolls! You could totally sell those. Your class sounds really high tech to me, but I know nothing about sewing. I'd love to take classes someday.

  16. Wow! Clare you've done such a wonderful job with your dress. And the bakelite bangle is fabulous too!

    I'm impressed to hear that you've been on a sewing course to hone your skills. Congratulations! Looks like it's really paid off. Louise :-) xx

  17. Fab dresses. I'd never have the patience to learn to make a dress. The flamingo print is awesome.

  18. WOW!!! I'm impressed!!! I really wish I would learn, too... (too lazy)... Love the pattern, too. Both the matrioshka and the Hawaiian.
    Our weather has been so dreadful also, but now it's getting closer to 10'C and no minus degrees in the night anymore, maybe maybe spring is coming...

  19. Hi, I just found your blog and have become your newest follower. I am so impressed with your first dress, not only is it so very retro-cute, it fits like a glove, perfect. Your closet is so exciting and I love all the happy prints and colors. How can you have a bad day, when you're dressed in a wardrobe that is this much fun? Please visit my blog and hopefully you will follow me, too. Your blog is so very cool! Connie :)

  20. Wow, these are absolutely amazing - I'm not surprised you're proud! They're gorgeous, I love the pattern and your choice of fabrics - you could honestly sell these. I'd love to take a course which would stop me being scared of my sewing machine!

  21. You did an amazing job on those dresses! I've been trying to find dress making classes in my state, for the past couple years, but no luck. The only ones available are your typical beginners (learn how to make pajama pants), intermediate (making pillowcases and purses), and so on. I wish I could find a class that focused solely on making beautiful dresses, such as yours! BTW, I'm hooked on novelty prints, too!

  22. Clarita,
    You sewing skills super great!
    I love babushka doll print dress, your bakelite colorful bangls do stand out.

    Hawaiian print dress is gorgeous!