Saturday, 5 May 2012

Latest sewing project, my sewing room and some sugar skulls!

Bit of a mis-matched blog title but thats what this post is all about!
I am absolutely LOVING my sewing class, and am really enjoying having the confidence to make from patterns, which is something that I have always wanted to do. Who would have thought just a local class with a group of retired ladies at the local community college would have been so inspiring?! Very actually...most of them have been sewing for years and have a wealth of experience that they are happy to share, luckily for me. So, this week I made the high waisted skirt from the vintage pattern, out of Day of The Dead fabric and here it is.....
Ta Da! Still having to wear leggings underneath - still cold in the UK!
And the back...I also made a matching hair tie with a remnant coz I love a bit of matchy matchy!
Isn't the print on this fabric ace? Its by Alexander Henry and from my friend Jen's shop - Stitch Me Lane.
And this was my pattern. It is an original "Easy to make 1 yard skirt" from 1959, I made view C. It was actually very easy, and only uses two pieces, one piece for the entire skirt (with quite a few darts and pleats) and the waistband. I made the entire skirt from start to finish - including hand stitching the hem - in about 4 hours.
I thought I'd give you a sneak peak at my sewing room as well. I moved all my work stuff into our spare room over the last few months and here it is...
50s table and sewing box, 60s chair and lamp, 80s sewing machine, given to me by my mum. I actually used to "play" on this as a child, sewing offcuts of cloth and trying out all the stitches. I'm thrilled that its now mine and helps me earn my living and make myself some clothes!
And lots of cute nik naks - cupcake pincushion was gift from my sister Jan a few years ago, owl embroidery scissors from Michael, the apple dish and Paul Frank Scurvy skull teddy were from my friend Kate and I bought myself all the other stuff! The Tiki mug is my pen pot and 4 of the sugar skulls are a new acquisition that I found this week in a cheap book shop of all places!
Two new ones that have photo clips on them...the black one is hand made by Kalahula.
And these are actually money boxes. I couldn't decide which one I wanted so I bought both!
Hope you all have a nice weekend :)


  1. The skirt looks great.The sugar skulls are really cool too.

  2. Love the skirt, love the sewing room! I've seen so many great Alexander Henry fabrics that would be great for that pattern. I've got a half-made handbag out of a fabric that I think is A.H. It has 40's Senorita Pin Up ladies with big sombreros and cacti. I really need to finish that bag!
    As usual, you've given me lots of inspiration :-)

  3. Glad you are still loving it! The skirt looks great! Skills getting better always feels good! :) x

  4. I'm so glad your loving the sewing. That skirt is fabulous...Alexander Henry fabric is the business. Older sewing machines are great...they are so much more robust. Mine is a late 70's job and never lets me down.

  5. I really need to do that course, it looks really good!

  6. I love the skirt. I would just love to be able to sew. My mum used to sew when I was little and would make our curtains and cushion covers and most of my clothes. She still has a sewing machine, I should really get her to give me some lessons. Love your sewing space and the skulls x

  7. WOW. That is fantastic. Well done! Will be adding to fb and blog. Love the money boxes.

  8. Love that skirt! Those skulls are fabulous!! I also love that tiki vase your scissors are stored in! Too cool!

  9. Absolutely love your skirt, the fit, the fabric, how you've dressed it! Well done.
    Your sewing area is the best. x

  10. Pretty skirt!!!!♥ I like the skulls very much!

  11. What an awesome fabric. Great job with the skirt.
    Mama D aka Mrs Munster

  12. How cool! Only 4 hours? that sounds like a good deal to me. I would be pumping clothes out like a mad woman if I could. Hand sewing the hem? I heard hemming is a bitch, but then again I've never done it for reals.

  13. Your a natural amor! You will be selling your clothes in no time.
    I adore your Day of the Dead skirt. I been looking for a dress in this fabric.
    totally eyeing your sugar skull collection.
    I need a a skull money box.