Friday, 25 May 2012

Outfit post - my latest sewing creation!

I finished my Hawaiian print dress a few weeks ago, and the current UK heatwave, means its finally nice enough to wear it!
Here it is with a macthing coral colour cardi (which I got from Matalan, £6)
And without. I'm so happy with my new dress, this style is so comfy :) 
Its also really cost effective to make your own clothes too...this dress, including zip cost less than £5 to make.
And a close up on the bangles - Bakelite, and Bamboo - and a nice spiky plant in my garden!
Shoes from Office, but picked up for a £1 at a car boot sale last year...don't really match...but I don't have any coral shoes so these had to do!
And a close up of the top of the dress. I added a bow on one of the straps
This week, I also picked up this fab vintage tablecloth - a steal at 50p from the YMCA charity shop
And a close up on the print...My class tutor is going to show me how to turn it into a circle skirt in next weeks  sewing class!
I also got these new patterns through sewing class, for £3 each. 5 versions of a simple skirt, and a 60s style dress with 5 variations.....for when I'm feeling more confident to tackle a trickier project.
I was also given access to the college pattern stash! Wow! Tons of patterns from the 50s to the 80s all available to borrow! I picked out these two which are more or less my size. Hoping to make the high waist version of the left pattern, and one from the right at some point too.
I also finished my flamingo dress today. I'm going to wear it tomorrow as I'm trading at The Alternative and Burlesque Fair in Manchester, so will get some pics then. Hope you all have a nice weekend :) x


  1. Your dress looks fantastic!! You're so clever, I wish I had the time and patience to wizz up a dress like that. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  2. I love the fabric, I have been hunting high and low for something like that! Looks lovely

  3. The shoes match to me! I always love your creations. I feel like I could rule the world if I had your sewing skills haha. I have some fabric just waiting for me to learn.

  4. The dress looks fab, well done! I especially love the gathered bust details on the pattern. It looks so cool and comfy for summer. Isn't sewing your own clothes the best?

  5. Ooh I love the dress! And major bangle envy too!

  6. I love that material even more now it is a dress!
    I like the look of the red dress pattern.

  7. Fantastic. It looks lovely made up in that print.xxxxx

  8. Your dress is stunning on you and I'm in love with the bangles and cute pumps! That tablecloth is going to be the best skirt ever! x

  9. That dress turned out so well! It looks super cute on you and it's a flattering shape. I can't wait to see the fruity cicle-skirt and the flamingo dress :-)

  10. Your Hawaiian dress is beyond dazzling on you.
    You clever biatch!
    The pink bow pumps go so well with your dress.
    I always perv at your gorgeous bangles.
    Oh my the fruity fabric is going to look so pretty as a skirt. Now you can have your own line of Dolly Cool clothes, remember I can be your plus size modelo.

  11. It turned out fab! I'm so envious that you can turn a piece of fabric into something beautiful like that. Kudos! :)