Saturday, 23 June 2012

Back from my holidays!

Last week, I went on a much needed holiday. Being self-employed is truly amazing, but I do take very little time off - I usually work nearly every day, night, weekend and all over Christmas! Not that I'm complaining, I love what I do - but I always allow myself a full week off in June where I take a break, and do absolutely no work at all, which is always bliss! 
This year Michael and I went to the beautiful Algarve, in Portugal. Here are a few snaps from my trip.....
The beach...quiet, unspoilt and hot!
Outfit one evening...wearing my Prada-esque Primark hot rod print skirt, red vest and bow cinch belt from H&M
We went to an amazing sand sculpture exhibit. All these are made entirely just from sand and water! 
And VERY talented sculpters!
Loved Willy Wonka!
Me with Hello Kitty :) I carried an umbrella with me round the show, as it was 35 degrees centigrade (about 95 F) and the sand was reflecting it as well - scorchio!
Loved Frankie!
We also wandered round castles
Quiet fishing bays
and admired ornate church buildings. Really enjoyed our trip!
Another outfit I wore one night - 60s Hawaiian Tiki Dress that I got for $6 off Etsy. Styled with my trusty H&M waist bow cinch belt.
We also managed to find a charity/thrift shop or two on our travels and picked up these cool things:
Olive print retro glass - 50c (about 40p). It did have a friend, but it got smashed in transit - boo hoo :(
And this vintage psychedelic tray for €1 (about 85p)
I feel really refreshed, and back in the swing of things now so will be catching up on all your blogs this weekend :) x


  1. Those sand sculptures are amazing! I'm so glad you went on a proper vacation...I know exactly what you mean about working for yourself and never taking any time off. It's so important to take time off to recharge!

  2. I'm so jealous of your holiday snaps. Looks like you had a great time. The sand sculptures are amazing and that weather... just a tiny portion of that over here would be nice! Great that you managed to get some thrifting in too. I never take a holiday from looking out for retro bargains :)

  3. Looks like a great time. Those sand sculptures are out of control!

  4. So jealous!! I'm glad you had a coolio holiday, you deserve it :) x

  5. Welcome back! What wonderful pictures, it looks so lovely and sunny and warm, it's like a distant memory! The sand sculptures are incredible and you look lovely.
    I went to The Algarve in 1987, I bet it's changed a great deal now but I'd love to go back and see for myself. x

  6. Beautiful pictures, I hope your week away has recharged your batteries. :) And man, you look great. As usual! :)

  7. It looks gorgeous! I'd love a visit. THe primark skirt is great isn't it? aahh for some heat over here...

  8. The beaches of Portugal always look so inviting. What fun! The dresses you wore were perfect for the casual atmosphere. You look chill but bright and cheery!!! Those sand scultptures are mind blowing. I remember going to those a lot as a kid in California. Sand is a pretty cool medium. I'd love to see that crazy ice sculpture show they have in Iceland :) I forget where.

  9. oooh a holiday, lucky gal! Looks fab as does the weather,glad you managed to escape the UK and the rain, if only for 1 week!

  10. How did I dare miss this holiday!
    You look cool and gorgeous, love your skirt amor.
    That Hawaiian dress is smoking.
    Frankenstein sand sculpture awesome.