Friday, 1 June 2012

My last sewing creations; Flamingo dress & Mexican cushions and a new tent

I finished my Flamingo dress last week, hooray! This is the second time I've worn it as I forgot to take photos last week! I wore it for my sewing class this morning, where I also completed a full circle skirt, which I made from the vintage fruity tablecloth I got in the Charity shop last week....I'm hoping to wear it tomorrow so will make sure to get a photo :) Here is the flamingo dress...
Same style as the others....I will be trying new styles out soon, this is just so quick and easy to make and comfy to wear! I've also got my new (old!) 50s catseyes on that I got back from the opticians this week...they are my new fave!
And the back view. Matching hair tie of course! :) I'm selling this print too on my website - they are flying! Everyone loves a bit of flamingo! You can get one here
It was also one of my best buddies 30th this weekend just gone, and I decided to make her something special - some Mexican blanket style cushions!
I really wanted to keep them for myself! ha ha! The bobbles were a pain to sew on but I think worth it....
Bobbles! The fabric is Alexander Henry 'Ojo De Dios' from the Folklorio collection.
I also bought myself a tent today. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know how much I loathe camping! However, over the next few months, I am camping at THREE events that I am doing - gah! 
One of the things I hate is putting up/down the tent. So, I thought I would invest in one of these;
A pop up tent! Wow, it literally springs out of the bag is 2 seconds! And yes, I can put it down! I found it really easy, as Michael has these little tent things for his photography that fold in a similar kind of way. Takes about 30 seconds, including putting in the bag  - amazing! AND its spotty as well.
Camping doesn't seem quite so bad now! ha ha!
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! :) x


  1. COOLIO! I love the dress :)

  2. Love the makes.

    I want a tent. I have a damaged tendon in the ole back so it would actually be a real bad idea. Doesn't stop me WANTING one tho! ;)

  3. I love your dress, I have never seen flamingo fabric before, it looks wonderful.

  4. I don't know what I love more this kick ass dress or those amazing pillows! I could NOT have given them away I simply could not you are SUCH a dear friend. The pom pom border makes these extra special.

    I can relate to the ew camping vibe, I'm not really into either. Your tent is all girl and will do you just fine. It will be easy to spot too.

  5. Gorgeous flamingo fabric, and love the cushions, they are like a saddle blanket I am looking at (unfortunately it doesn't have pompoms!) And that tent - so cute, I def need one. Do they come in red?!

  6. BEST DRESS EVER! I am flamingo-obsessed.

    BEST PILLOWS EVER! I am pom pom-obsessed.



  7. Stupendously fabulous dress and amazing cushions! You are a sewing genius and I'm in total awe that you can get a pop-up tent back in it's bag, no way! x

  8. The dress is beautiful, the print is amazing!
    I love your hair!
    The shoe is very cute!
    The pads are beautiful, love the colors!
    Kisses from Brazil

  9. Oh wow! :D Love it, perfect shape and cut! And the hair is great! :) Zoë x

  10. Oooh I love your dress and the cushions! I love Alexander Henry fabric. I absolutely love that tent....I might get one just to put in my garden-soooo gorgeous! xx

  11. You are doing so well with your sewing. Well done you.

  12. Ooooooooooh these pillows are adorable !!!! <3. you are so talented !

  13. Wow well done on the dress, I see your sewing is coming along leaps and bounds! Love the cushions too.

    And well I'm with you on camping, bleeeurgh, but I guess if you have to a pop up tent is the way to go!

  14. I'm in love with both of these prints as well! I love me some flamingos. Oh and we both loathe camping. ewwww. My grandpa and cousins always camp in our backyard. I stay inside in my bed.

  15. Flippin' awesome cushions! Hurray for bobbles! :) ...and for clever friends who make things. ;)

  16. Clarita,
    You look spectacular in flamingo beauty dress.
    Your sewing skills kick ass!
    Those Mexi-pillows are the best! would want a a skirt or dress in that fabric.
    I also hate camping, that's why I will not go to some rockabilly events.

  17. Hello! Thanks for following my blog!

    Fabulous outfit, and I couldn't believe it when I saw the photo - I have just today started making a dress in *exactly* the same fabric! Isn't it gloriously kitsch? I'm making a 1957 full-skirted dress. I love what you came up with, looks great!

    TFG x

  18. Hi! I've just come across your cushions on a google search and LOVE THEM! I know it's a while ago but do you have any left to sell? I'm in Sydney, Aus - can't find anything like these over here.

    Here's hopin'