Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Today's charity cheer!

As I've been away and also really busy of late, I've not been in my local two charity shops for about a month = eek! They must have been saving all the good stuff for me as I scored big time today and this is what I got!
60s pyrex mixing bowl - £2
And a close up on the pattern. I have been wanting one of these for AGES! I hardly ever see patterned Pyrex (only on other people's blogs!) so was thrilled to find this coral coloured acorn print beauty!
"Remember you're a Womble"! 70s wombles pillow case - 20p
Bargain of the day - 2 brand new and unused Yankee Candles - £1.50 each. This size retails for around £15 each so I got a great deal here!
New Look Bow & Polka print top - £1
Topshop card suite print top - £2
And a close up on the prints - very me!
I also went out for a pub lunch with my friend Jo today, and she gave me this fab uncut retro apron pattern that she found for £1 in the Red Cross shop - yay! 
And I have just the perfect fabric to make one up in, too:
2 meters of this Fabric Traditions retro kitchen print was just £3.50 from my local fabric by weight shop.
All in all, a great days haul :)


  1. Wow! Scores!! Love everything and can't wait to see you run up one of those gorgeous aprons.
    If the populations of your town's anything like mine those beautiful things have been picked over and overlooked by people with no vision who stomp out and moan there's nothing decent in charity shops these days! xxx

  2. Those bowls are killer girl! I am so digging all the tops you got so pretty and so you! Yankee candles are my absolute favorite candles in the world! I love country heather and sugar cookie, home sweet home is nice in the winter. Can't wait to see what you make.

  3. Wow, what a haul! Nice to see a charity shop post again! Love the pyrex and The Wombles pillow case. The tops are great too and very you.

    Lucy x

  4. That bowl is like Pyrex candy! It's so gorgeous. That apron will be so adorable - especially if you're wearing it when you hold that bowl!

  5. Fab haul...I do like the Pyrex and the Yankee candles are a massive bargain.xxxx

  6. WOW!!!! we had that Wombles bedding! Great memories :-)

    I love the tops and that kitchen appliance fabric too.

  7. Good finds - not at all jealous..... :)

  8. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo jealous of your Yankee candle score! Vanilla Cupcake is one of my favourite ones, I do love foody scents! The best bargain I got on a Yankee was £9 for a brand new one at a bootsale which wasn't too bad seeing as it retailed at £18 in the shops, it was Christmas cupcake and omg it is sooo good.. I still have it nearly full! Whenever I am in a shop that sells Yankee Candles I stand there sticking my nose in ever jar for about 10 minutes! :D xxx

  9. Love the prints of those blouses. You keep grinding and hustling and making that money!

  10. What great finds. And that kitchen-appliance fabric is amazing!

  11. LOVE all that stuff. It's great when chazza karma strikes!

  12. all fabulous, I love the card print especially!!

  13. Wow! I've been feeling uninspired by charity shops recently! Maybe I need to get back out there!!

  14. Great scores! I love that print on the pyrex, never seen that before

  15. Oooo! An apron pattern! And I love Yankee Candles! I bet the Vanilla Cupcake one smells amazing!

  16. Super finds amor!
    You know I love your pyrex red bowl, I have been looking for some in that color.
    Yankee candles so sweet! Half and half ice cream scent is my fave.
    Wow! The print on those tops are lovely.
    Cant wait to see you in an apron.

  17. Holy shit those shoes are awesome. Love all your good find.