Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Three shows in a row!

Hello! Long time no blog! I've been pretty hectic the last few weeks....been away doing three weekend shows in a row, phew! Just took a few pics from each event, including some hot rods, tattoos and outfit here are the pics of what I've been up to over the last few weeks;
First up was Ink, Iron & Hot Rod - a Hot Rod, Biker and Tattoo are some of the cool cars at the show;

Next up, it was off to Devon for Inkfest Tattoo Convention. Devon, on a sunny day is tranquill, scenic and beautiful. Unfortunately it rained hard pretty much the whole weekend! My stall buddy Kally and I were camping....need I say more?! Enjoyed the show and there were some great bands on, but the soggy factor really did put a literal dampener on the whole event!
View from the show site (held on a caravan holiday park).
Ah it looks so scenic....this didn't last! 

And some of the tattooists at work!
Outfit post Me: 80s Hawaiian dress (£10 from Vintage Fair) with leggings
Outfit Post Kally: Amazing octopus print sarong dress with petal bust, made by Kally herself!
And a close up of the print - how fab?!
Vince Ray and the Boneshakers played, who I have seen many times, but always put on a good show!
And finally, this weekend was the Bolton Tattoo Bazaar.....a lot closer to home (Devon was a rainy 7 hour drive away!)
Outfit post from Saturday: Skull shoes are Betsy Johnson that I got last year in Miami beach for $15.
High waist spotty pencil skirt from UK supermarket Asda, £14 (Thanks to my friend Jo for the tip off on that one!) Vest was an old one from H&M. Jewellery is of course Dolly Cool, and some Bakelite and Resin bangles.
Kally (in another amazing handmade Hawaiian wonder....not jealous at all of her sewing skills - humpf!) with her friend Kitty
Sunday outfit, Dress £9 from children's section in Asda! Yes, I do buy kids clothes....always have done! I always like the prints far better than the boring 'adult' ones!! I'm with one of my oldest pals, Jenny, who was over from Australia (where she lives now) for a visit :) I totally egged her on to get tattooed at the show....which she did! yay! 
And finally - Kally reading her copy of Tattoo Revolution magazine, which her friend, and tattoo artist Rachel Baldwin is on the front cover, wearing one of Kally's hats! Cool :)


  1. I need to know where that octopus fabric came from or I won't sleep

    (also you look lovely, and seems like everything was awesome! I am just stuck on that fabric)

  2. There are few swoonworthy prints in this post!!

  3. Fab to have you back! Hot rods and tattoos, what a fab combination! You look wonderful in your groovy prints, hope you did well despite the vile weather! x

  4. You have been a busy lil bee. I want a pink caddie now!!!! You are looking adorable in all these prints! These are great pictures. Hot cars, pretty women I am loving it all! Your friends green eyebrows are pretty spectacular too!!!!

  5. OMG I love the octopus print fabric!

    Hope you manage to have some small amount of rest now and hope you did really really well!

  6. Wow, looks like so much fun!!! Love your glasses!!!

  7. Oh I featured Rachel a while ago!
    Love the Polkadot dress Clare!

  8. You been a busy biatch!
    Look at all those hot cars!
    I love your tiny waist and all your dresses.
    You know I fell in love with Kally and her octopus dress and fab eyebrows.