Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Hotrod Hayride

Ok so its a little late, but better late than never eh?!
Here are a few pics from the awesome Hotrod Hayride - a pre '66 Kustom and Classic car and bike show that went on at the end of last month. I traded at the event with my friends Kate (Clumsy) and Nik (Pretorius Custom Instruments).
The 8th year its been going on - why have I never been before?!
All set up and ready to go in our gazebo
My stall :)

The Hotrod Hayride is held at Bisley Pavillion in Surrey, which is kind of west of London, near Ascot Racecourse. It is actually a practice shooting range, but dates back to 1889 and there are lots of quirky wooden buildings around the massive site, most of which are filled with antiques and old photos, which serve as clubhouses to Tennis and shooting clubs. Sounds bizzare was (in a good way!)
Of course there were tons of cool cars to drool over..

And this car parked next to one of the old wooden buildings reminded me of the USA - this is a bit Amityville Horror don't you think?!
We actually had some lovely weather that weekend! Here I am hiding from the sun under my fancy parasol, wearing my 50p vintage fruit tablecloth skirt that I re-purposed :)
I got to hang out with my friend Kessie from Lady K Loves. Check out that fab candy floss hair!
And after dark we shut up the stall and had some drinkies! I'm with my friends Kate and Lydia :)
On Sunday, it was the boot sale - which I got up early for and sold some of my old clothes n stuff. It was lovely to meet fellow Blogger & Twitter-er, Roxie Roulette also doing the car boot! Photo pinched from Roxie, hope she doesn't mind :)
And then it was on with the Soapbox Derby,  I loved this! Anyone could enter and there was a fab array of wooden creations with pram wheels whizzing past!
This guy had 'go faster paddles' - genius!
All in all a fantastic weekend, I had a blast! Roll on next year. And this weekend its time for Kustom Kulture Blast Off in Spalding, UK. My last camping event of the year (hurrah!). 
Have a good weekend y'all!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A few recent buys and acquisitions!

Thought I'd update you all with a few cool things I have bought, and acquired recently. If you follow me on twitter (@dollycool) or on Instagram (@dollycooljewels) you may have seen these already but they are too nice not to share with my blog readers too! 
Bakelite Cherry dress clip, Etsy. I got this for a bargainous $25! I know cherry shaped Bakelite can go for a lot, so I was thrilled to find this very reasonably priced piece to add to my collection.
Next up was a swap that I did with the lovely Kessie from Lady K Loves. You can read about our trade here on her blog. Kessie fell in love with the pink confetti cats eye sunglasses that I had - and they look far better on her than me, and go perfectly with her pink hair! I swapped them with this gorgeous blue gingham circle skirt from her latest summer collection:
Photo kindly pinched from Lady K Loves Website :)
Next up are these FAB vintage catseye RED POLKA DOT!!! Wow weeeeeee! Totally me, I love them. I bought these off my friend Kally, who had bought them off Etsy for herself, but felt that they were too big for her face when they arrived. Knowing my love of polka dots, I got first dibs! Yay! 
They were fitted with my prescription by the awesome I need Spex, who I use for all my glasses. At just £15 for prescription lenses to own frames, you just cant go wrong!
I also got these Spotty sunglasses with my prescription in too. A day without spots is not a good day in my opinion!
And finally, and my new favourite thing.....
My new 'Miranda' wedges from my fave shoe brand, Miss L Fire
Drool, swoon etc. I've been lusting after these for months so I knew when they went on sale they had to be mine! Glitter uppers, massive fuzzy felt effect cherries on a bow, and a comfortable height wedge - what's not to love? They also come in pink, clear and blue too.....I'd quite like them all!
Hope you are all having a good week :)

Friday, 10 August 2012

The Tiki Tropical Range is here!

Hooray! The Tiki Tropical range at Dolly Cool is now here. And we actually have some nice weather in the UK at the moment to compliment it too, so grab your cocktail and best Hawaiian dress, and head off to the Luau in style :)
Modelled by a Dolly Cool favourite,  the gorgeous Miss K from The Rockabilly Girl Next Door, check out what is on offer in the limited edition collection below!

The fabulous Miss K!

You too can look this summery in the Tiki Tropical Range!

Hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend :)

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Some recent car booty!

Hello! Its been a busy few weeks, I've been away trading at the awesome Hotrod Hayride (blog post coming soon on that!) and as we have actually had a few dry weekends....I've been able to go to a few car boot sales at last - hooray!
This is what I found a few weeks ago, and so far is contender for being my 'Find Of The Year' - as well as being an absolute steal.....
3 x 50's drinking glasses - 5p each! Yes really, just 15 pence for the three. The old lady selling them said they had been in her drinks cabinet for years, but her party days were over so she wanted to get rid of them!!
The pattern on these is just fantastic - super atomic!
And the rest of the things I found this morning.....
Pink glitter display hand, 30p - coming to the Dolly Cool stall very soon! 
Mini Tiki mugs - £1 the set (Marked Accoutrements 2003) Really pleased with these to add to my Tiki mug collection. And what a bargain. New, these retail for $35 a set as I discovered here! Bargain! 
Vintage plastic necklace, 50p
And a close up on the detail - cool and really unusual!
And bargain of the day was this Chinese Parasol (perfect for sunny days at shows), for just £2. Its hand painted with flowers and has fringing all the way round, and in mint condition. Oh I do love a good boot sale, roll on next Sunday! :)