Sunday, 5 August 2012

Some recent car booty!

Hello! Its been a busy few weeks, I've been away trading at the awesome Hotrod Hayride (blog post coming soon on that!) and as we have actually had a few dry weekends....I've been able to go to a few car boot sales at last - hooray!
This is what I found a few weeks ago, and so far is contender for being my 'Find Of The Year' - as well as being an absolute steal.....
3 x 50's drinking glasses - 5p each! Yes really, just 15 pence for the three. The old lady selling them said they had been in her drinks cabinet for years, but her party days were over so she wanted to get rid of them!!
The pattern on these is just fantastic - super atomic!
And the rest of the things I found this morning.....
Pink glitter display hand, 30p - coming to the Dolly Cool stall very soon! 
Mini Tiki mugs - £1 the set (Marked Accoutrements 2003) Really pleased with these to add to my Tiki mug collection. And what a bargain. New, these retail for $35 a set as I discovered here! Bargain! 
Vintage plastic necklace, 50p
And a close up on the detail - cool and really unusual!
And bargain of the day was this Chinese Parasol (perfect for sunny days at shows), for just £2. Its hand painted with flowers and has fringing all the way round, and in mint condition. Oh I do love a good boot sale, roll on next Sunday! :)


  1. How jammy are you? I love the parasol best of all.

  2. Wow, you always find such great stuff. I love the plastic hand the best - is that weird??!

  3. Aye!! Amor,
    You always find the best vintage glasses. Buddy and I are drooling over them Atomiclicious set.
    Oh and those cute tiki mugs are fantastic.
    In love with your fringe parasol and pink glitter hand will look awesome on your Dolly Cool stall!

  4. Oh yes! Love all of it especially your glasses.

  5. You should do a post on your collection of glasses sometime, you seem to always find the best ones. Those are especially great!

  6. Arrgh, so jealous on the atomic glasses!

  7. Oh my! I LOVE those atomic glasses! And, of course, I'm going to love a tiki bargain!

  8. Wow! you scored big time! That hand is going to do your fabulous creations serious justice! x

  9. Oh Myyyyyy!!!
    What finds! I'm super-jealous of those glasses, and a glittery hand? Seriously? I can't stand it :-))

  10. Wow!! Such good finds! It's inspired me to get to some car boots :) x

  11. OK I want it all especially the pink hand!!!! That will look cute with your treasury on it!

  12. Oh my I love the glasses!! Stunning!

    I used to sell those mini tiki mugs but did I keep any for me, nope I didn't :o(