Friday, 10 August 2012

The Tiki Tropical Range is here!

Hooray! The Tiki Tropical range at Dolly Cool is now here. And we actually have some nice weather in the UK at the moment to compliment it too, so grab your cocktail and best Hawaiian dress, and head off to the Luau in style :)
Modelled by a Dolly Cool favourite,  the gorgeous Miss K from The Rockabilly Girl Next Door, check out what is on offer in the limited edition collection below!

The fabulous Miss K!

You too can look this summery in the Tiki Tropical Range!

Hope you all have a lovely sunny weekend :)


  1. Lovely new range! I think I shall be stopping by at your website for some presents at some point!

  2. They are absolutely amazing! Love the tiki earrings and necklaces. You are clever and your model is too cool! x

  3. Fabulous new stuff! I especially love the rosary necklace :-)
    (but then again, I am a bit partial to the tikis!)
    I also giggle a bit when I hear you Brits say "range" California ears, a "range" is a wide-open prairie where cowboys ride horses! ;-) hehe!