Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Recent vintage buys!

Hello! Thought it was about time that I update you on some cool vintage buys that I have got over the past few weeks!
First was a car boot find from a few weeks ago, quite late on on the day - I was just about to leave a disappointing morning's boot hunting empty handed, when I spotted these poking out of a box:
Set of two enamel pans - £2! They are in great condition, hardly used, and I just love the bright orange colour...really cheery for my kitchen and matches my 60s pop flower dining table perfectly!
Next up was this Sunday's boot finds - 70s tastic!
Cadburys tin from 1975, 50p
Red Apple Ice Bucket, £3
Mexican Donkey TraySwedish Dalarhest Tray £1 (See below comment from Heidi!)
On Monday just gone, I went to a fantastic antiques centre that is just 30 minutes drive from where I live, but I have never been before (Do'h!). Its called Bygone Times and its in Chorley, Lancashire. Its 3 large warehouses choc-a-block full of STUFF! - I was in heaven :) These 50s kitchen units (above) were on the first stall I came too....want!
Another booth full of lamps, furniture and ornaments
This was one of my favourite booths....I just stood looking at everything for ages!
And so what did I buy?
A yellow 50s Formica table
Super cute red kitty ornament (we've called her Rosie!) and card suite print glass - you can also see the cool pattern on the table top on this photo :)
New friends! Jess with Rosie :)
I think I was quite reserved considering all the amazing goodies that were for sale in there....fear not, I will be back in there soon though!


  1. Wow, I love what you bought. Especially the ice bucket and pans. I have a Jess too:) I must go to that warehouse soon

  2. That ice bucket is to-die-for and I LOVE the kitties. I love it all.

  3. Ooh the tri coloured kitchen cabinet is GOOORGEOUS!!! Love your table and the fab pots and ice bucket! The colours are amazing. Sarah xxx

  4. Great finds! I think the Mexican donkey tray looks like a Swedish Dalarhest;)

  5. I love the donkey tray! :) Must pop along to that gem of a place too... ;)

  6. Oops! Thanks for that Heidi! I have never heard of those, but yes, having looked at them on Google, it appears that my 'Mexican Donkey' tray is actually a 'Swedish Dalarhest' tray! :)

  7. Cute stuff! I love that pan at the top! I have found a few enamel with prints lately, too!

  8. My fave is the apple ice bucket! Love all the knick knacks! Wish I had more space for mine. Thats the only downside.

  9. I love the cat's! I have a couple too, and just recently brought some poodles in a similar style.
    Weirdly, I used to have that exact table! I loved it but it got left in Hastings.
    the red apple is lovely too....I like seeing that you got it for 50p and there was one in the shop you went to later!
    LKL x

  10. Eeek! What fab finds! I have an apple bucket somewhere, I must find it out! I love that pan and think a visit to Chorley would make me very happy indeed! x

  11. Ohhh, nice kitty and apple ice bucket! Swoon! :) x

  12. LOVE that kitty!! That table is brilliant! GREAT haul!

  13. Hello Dolly! :)
    I love your latest purchases!!! <3