Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Blog catch up part 2! Whitby Kustom

And catch up part two....a few months down the line, at the beginning of November. Still nothing was happening on the house front so I was REALLY fed up at this show! ha ha! I can laugh about it now but at the time it was terrible......(that one is for the Morrisey fans!)
As Whitby is lovely, but quite a few hours drive from where I live (and with the show starting at 9am!) I stayed over in neighbouring Scarborough with my show buddy for this event, my sister!
The bright lights of Scarborough in November - the sea is on the other side.....was a bit cold! ;)
Me pretending I'm in Vegas
And we were up early the next morning. 
This is what the British seaside looks like at 7am....lovely!

Off to the show! Whitby Kustom is alongside the famous Whitby Goth Weekend
Goths, and tourists in general flock to Whitby as it was the setting for part of Bram Stokers Dracula.
The cars on show can be any pre '75 classics or customs, but you do tend to get the more spooky cars at Whitby!

Show host Paul's Bel Air Lugosi

Rat Rods

Victorian Style Hearse! 
I have no idea what type of car this is, sorry. It is very cool though! 
I was trading in the primary school dining room adjacent to the car show. The headmistress is a bit 50s obsessed....can you believe this is a kid's dinner hall?
Complete with booths, and working jukebox! So awesome!!
My outfit for the day - 
Red Leopard High Waisted Skirt with braces from Collectif
Dracula drinking a cup of tea t-shirt (my own nod to Whitby!) from Edward Teabelly
And of course some cakes to round the day off from the home made cupcake stall :)


  1. Lovely to see you again! How gorgeous is that sunrise? It seems like an eternity since we've had some sunshine!
    Love your sassy skirt and those ratted-up cars! x

  2. I love those vintage cars! =)