Monday, 31 December 2012

Catch up part 3! The end....and a new beginning!

My last "catch up" post is here....without boring you all with the details, as you will know from my previous posts, our house move took 5 very long months. I found it very stressful and it kind of ruined the last half of the year for me. I had no idea that I would react this strongly to the upheaval, and the uncertainty of our move  (I was still a nervous wreak on moving day until about 2pm....ask my dad!!).
We finally had a moving date (a Thursday)...removal van booked...and all packed up, and on the Wednesday, the day before, at 4.45pm, I got a call saying that we were not moving after all. Everything had to be cancelled and it really was the last straw! 
A new moving date was "booked" for the following Wednesday, and we had ANOTHER week to get through, with everything in boxes, still not knowing if it would actually go ahead or not.....aggghhh!
I thought the only thing to do was to 'Keep Calm and Carry On' (over used to death at the moment, but the original concept of the phrase really did get me through the house move, that, and hair metal videos on YouTube!)..and so I planned a full weekend of going out and not staying in moping!
It made me feel MILES better. On the Saturday, I went to a local historic town, Lancaster, with my sister where we scoured charity shops, did Christmas shopping, had lunch and saw a brilliant Day Of The Dead exhibition at the Town Hall/Art Gallery.

A few snaps from the Exhibition - isn't it fab?!
On the Sunday, despite a rainy outlook at home, it was clear and sunny at the seaside, so Michael and I went out for the day and had a lovely peaceful and calming stroll along the seafront at Fleetwood. There was hardly a soul around, not surprising really for the end of November, but it was just what we needed.

And so the next week came, and we finally DID move on the second planned date of Wednesday 28th November - thank goodness!
A HUGE black cloud was lifted and we could finally start to get on with things at last!
Like my decorating onesie?!
I'm going to leave the interior and development posts for the new year - even though we have managed to renovate two rooms already, yippee!
And so its now New Years Eve 2012....and what can I say. I did have some good times of course, but for me,  it was all consuming with the move and for that reason, I'm glad to see the back of it!
I'm really looking forward to New Years Resolution is to "Get out more" - something that took a bit of a back seat this year. And by that I mean, go out for walks, bike rides, cars boots, flea markets, days out and in general travel more, and make better use of free time at weekends and days off.
 Michael and I have already begun planning an exciting weekend away for my this space!
So all that is left to say is....
Have a brilliant New Years Celebration, whatever you get up too and I'll look forward to getting my mojo back in 2013 :) x


  1. What a fantastic exhibition. Perfect for you!
    I have a feeing 2013 will be a brilliant year, so here's to it.
    Happy New Year.

  2. That exhibition looks amazing, I knew Em would love it, bet Krista would, too!
    I'm so glad you've moved and are all in ready for the New Year. I missed you and your blog these last few months!
    Happy New Year! xxx

  3. I really did feel for you with all the moving trials. Here's to a wonderful 2013 in your new home. x

  4. The exhibit looks great -- love Day of the Dead stuff.

  5. I would be all up in that exhibit! Love it! Happy new year doll! I'm sure this year will prove much better, you have a home now and that is huge!

  6. Happy New Year!!! How nice to be in a new home for it! Jealous! :) Good luck with all the decorating kitten! Zoë x

  7. Beautiful photos and that exhibition looks fab. At least you are in now.