Sunday, 27 January 2013

This week: A new Tattoo and lots of snow!

This week I got a new tattoo! Yippee :)
Its just a little space filler on my upper arm, and is my homage to my home city of Manchester aka: The Rainy City!
Designed by me, and inked by my lovely tattooist, Beany.
Beany said that one of her customers calls our constant rain "Liquid Sunshine"!
On Friday, I went to London for the day to visit a trade show, and meet with a client. The weather was cold, but dry and bright all day.....until I was on my way home and things took a random turn for the worst with 8 inches of snow falling back at home in just a few hours! Eek!
This is the lake at the end of my street. It looks like Lapland! 
It was all very pretty, but unfortunately stopped friends from coming to visit us this weekend, boo :(
And the next day when it had thawed out a bit! Note I'm wearing my very rockabilly hiking boots! ;)
Maybe I need a snowman on my sleeve next?! 
Hope you all had a nice weekend x


  1. Love the tattoo. It's done very well.

  2. Very cute tattoo!! I must admit I'm a little jealous of your snow :-)
    I love a good snowman :-)

  3. Cute new tat and a perfect little tribute to your home town. You guys have really had crazy snow recently, oh what would I do in that, make the best just like you!

  4. Is there anywhere in the UK that ISN'T a rainy city? Love the cuteness of that little brolly.

  5. Your new tattoo rocks! Another beauty.
    You look fab all snuggled up in your sexy leopard coat in the snow, it's so pretty but when it ruins our social lives it's no fun at all! x

  6. Hi there i got my tattoo on my fingers finished this weekend.
    I love the snow x

  7. Cute tatoo and I really like your fringe!