Friday, 26 April 2013

Recent Flea and Thrift finds!

Car boot season has *Finally* stated in the UK, although I have been a little disappointed so far at the lack of treasures that have been rather few and far between, that I have saved up my last months purchases for one post!
I suppose it is quality, and not quantity that counts though, right?! Although seeing what some bloggers and Instagram folks are snagging at their local boot sales is making me rather envious! Far too many baby clothes, last months's George at Asda and mobile phone covers at the North West 'boots for my liking! Ah well, I still have all summer to go, and I'm sure more treasures will be found! :)
Here is what I got in the last month....
50s door handles, £2

Bone China Tea Cup & Saucers, £1.50.
Because Tea ALWAYS tastes better out of white Bone China, FACT!

About a metre/yard of 60s French Fabric, 50p

Gypsy top with Mexican style embroidery, 50p
60s French drinking glasses - 20p each
50s Atomic drinking glasses - £1 the set

Vintage (70s?) wicker & embroiderd bag, £1
50s playing card glass, 20p
Here's hoping that May is a more fruitful thrifting month! :)


  1. That bag is 1970s and from Madeira, I have two of it's cousins!
    Great finds, I'm a sucker for a gypsy top. xxx

  2. I love it all!The peasant top and handles are probably my very favorites though!

  3. Fabulous finds! I'll have to agree with Art Deco dame, those handles in the first photo are my favorite as well! ;-)

  4. You always find the coolest glasses! I love everything you found. Great haul!

  5. Love those door handles! and very cute drinking glasses, great finds! x

  6. I don't know, that's a pretty tasty haul from where I'm standing! Love the teaset and glasses

  7. What fun finds! I love the atomic glasses!

    Hellcat Vintage

  8. I have a milk jug that matches those teacups. ;) ...also, I want to steal your handbag. Over and out!

  9. nice stuff!!!
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    greets James Little

  10. That's pretty good finds!! And maybe all bargains are disappearing as everybody is trying to make profits with reselling.... Just a little thought... The fabric looks ace!